Year In Review: Sprout’s Unofficial Record Breaking Season

A historic 11-day span saw Cole Sprout accomplish a record-breaking feat this past spring. Unofficially of course.

Cole Sprout didn't let a canceled senior track season slow him at the slightest. And given what we've seen from him over the entirety of his high school career, you could say it wasn't surprising that he continued to rage around the track even when the official time keepers stopped their clocks. 

Over the span of 11 days Sprout unofficially rewrote two Colorado soil records in low-key time trials.

While his 4:07.2 1,600 and 8:49 3,200 clockings don't appear in CHSAA's record books, they will be unofficial records in the eyes of this editor, and more than deserving of the No. 3 story of 2020.

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