A Whirlwind Of A Meet At The Coyote/Panther Invite

Jacoby Ennis powered away with the victory in the 800 at the Coyote/Panther Invite.

A gust of wind swirled across the track.

The blast tore down the final stretch of red, creating an additional challenger for every runner on the track. If the weight of lactic-acid build-up wasn't already enough, now there was a wall of wind in the face. 

As it was said track-side: It wouldn't be the start of Colorado's outdoor track & field season without a team tent having to be weighted down.

Despite the added hurdle of wind, there was still that excited buzz lingering in the air at the Coyote/Panther Invite Saturday - no one was about to let a little wind ruin the thrill of returning to the track.

Wind word count: five.



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