Leaping Into History At The Front Range League Championships

Brooke Naughton eyed the rectangular box of sand that sat at the end of the runway. 

It had been a long two days of competition, and all that remained on the Fort Collins senior's busy schedule was the long jump.

But what awaited for Naughton at the end of the runway wasn't just a box of raked sand.

What waited for her was history.

Naughton had already claimed three Front Range League Championship titles, winning the high jump with a 5-7 clearance, the triple jump with a leap of 36-9.5, and the 100 hurdles in 15.53 less than an hour earlier.

With one event left on her schedule, she had already tallied 30 individual points.

The Fort Collins senior had already pieced together a perfect meet, but now there was the opportunity to make Fort Collins High School history - by winning a fourth individual event.

Naughton took a deep breath, leaned back, then rocked forward. She stormed down the red runway and launched off her right foot. As she soared through the air she threw her arms and legs in front of her to gain ever last inch of momentum.

When she landed sand exploded with her arrival in the box.

Several moments later it was official: 18-6.

Not only was the leap her fourth individual league title in two days - a historic moment - but it was also a personal best by three-inches, and a 5A No. 4.

40 points.

For two days Naughton starred on and off the track at the Front Range League Championships. There were quite a few highlights as athletes sharpened up for the Big Dance - AKA The 2022 Colorado State Track & Field Championships!


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