Regional Forecast: 2A Region 4

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After years of Telluride and Hotchkiss domination of this region, the Paonia girls wear the mantle of regional favorites this year.

Over recent years, 2A Region 4 has developed into a consistently competitive region. And, among the 2A regions, probably only Region 1 is now tougher to advance out of. In fact, you could make an compelling case that Region 4 is deeper than Region 1.

We figure to see some blazing times out of 2A Region 4 again this year. Delta's Confluence Park, aka the Delta Speedway, is the setting for the regional contest. But, wind is in the Friday forecast, so it could be a matter of whether or not the get the racing in before the big winds pick up as to whether or not we'll see jaw-dropping times.

We'll start here with an analysis of the girls side of things in 2A Region 4:

2A Region 4 Girls

1Paonia High School (CO)21
1) Katya Schwieterman20:38.095
2) Brooke Hillman21:10.886
3) Alexandra Eaton21:55.0310
Average Time: 21:14.67 Total Time: 1:03:44.00 1-3 Split: 1:16.94
4) Jordan Evans23:04.5816
5) Nora Dransfield23:18.6619
6) Jade Ellenberger23:26.8520
7) Abby Reedy23:51.8424
2Soroco High School (CO)32
1) Chloe Veilleux19:30.103
2) Charlee Veilleux22:40.4014
3) Kourtney Bruner23:02.8015
Average Time: 21:44.43 Total Time: 1:05:13.30 1-3 Split: 3:32.70
4) Mattie Rossi23:42.0022
3Crested Butte Community School (CO)38
1) Sydney Petersen18:45.302
2) Maria O'Neal19:34.404
3) Myles Cress24:37.0632
Average Time: 20:58.92 Total Time: 1:02:56.76 1-3 Split: 5:51.76
4) Emelie Elkins25:39.5035
5) Sierra D'Aquila26:30.9040
4Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CO)48
1) Linnea Sherman21:24.988
2) Kaitlyn Young23:07.0017
3) Alejandra Butcher-Salazar23:45.0023
Average Time: 22:45.66 Total Time: 1:08:16.98 1-3 Split: 2:20.02
4) Gretta Gavette24:07.8026
5) Cassidy Meyer24:35.9331
6) Jaime Butler27:52.0042
7) Dani Naum28:38.4243
5Hotchkiss High School (CO)54
1) Hannah Hatheway22:02.9711
2) Mariah Griffith23:12.9218
3) Isabella Spano23:54.9325
Average Time: 23:03.61 Total Time: 1:09:10.82 1-3 Split: 1:51.96
4) Grace Hatheway24:10.3827
6Ouray High School (CO)62
1) Scout Donovan22:32.1913
2) MacKenzie Gibbs23:27.9821
3) Daniela Acosta24:13.4528
Average Time: 23:24.54 Total Time: 1:10:13.62 1-3 Split: 1:41.26
4) Raja Braford-Lefevbre24:15.5229
5) Geny McArdle25:16.3034
6) Emelie deKay26:27.3439
7Caprock Academy High School (CO)62
1) Ashleigh Gardner21:43.869
2) Elsie Wilkens22:28.8412
3) Maria Takic26:31.6341
Average Time: 23:34.78 Total Time: 1:10:44.33 1-3 Split: 4:47.77
4) Char Svaldi29:29.3644
5) Sara Gorgone35:02.2046
8Mancos High School (CO)70
1) Grace Manning21:24.607
2) Hakayla Snow24:17.2030
3) Kylie Guiles25:07.7033
Average Time: 23:36.50 Total Time: 1:10:49.50 1-3 Split: 3:43.10
4) Maggie Delaney30:39.0645
9Telluride High School (CO)74
1) Soleil Gaylord18:12.311
2) Lydia Hagan25:46.0036
3) Delaney Spires25:54.9037
Average Time: 23:17.74 Total Time: 1:09:53.21 1-3 Split: 7:42.59
4) Isabelle Bennett26:01.9438

After many long years of domination by Hotchkiss and Telluride, it appears that 2A Region 4 will be crowning a new girls team champion this year. Paonia looks like your favorite in the virtual meet analysis above, but Soroco has run a tougher set of courses this fall, thus dampening their performance in the virtual meet. From this distance, I'd label this one as too close to call. 

And, Crested Butte is one big performance at the #3 slot away from ruining everyone else's party. 

It is by no means a done deal, but it looks highly probable that 2A Region 4 will advance Soroco, Paonia, and Crested Butte, leaving us to resolve the question of which team the #4 will be. Leading candidates include Colorado Rocky Mountain School and Hotchkiss, with Ouray and Caprock Academy also harboring hopes of extending their season by another week. 

Individually, Soleil Gaylord has the aura of the presumptive regional champion. Last year, it was Chloe Veilleux who took the regional crown, but the story of the season to date puts Gaylord in the driver's seat coming in. Crested Butte's Sydney Petersen would appear to be Gaylord's biggest threat for this year.

If Colorado Rocky Mountain School doesn't advance as a team, Linnea Sherman is in a very strong position to advance as an individual. Hotchkiss's Hannah Hatheway finds herself in a very similar circumstance. 

Grace Manning of Mancos, plus Ashleigh Gardner and Elsie Wilkens of Caprock should be able to advance on their own merits. 

Scout Donovan of Ouray is a bubble candidate to advance.

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