What Does 5A Girls Look Like For Next Year? (Revised)

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The top five for Mountain Vista should all be back next fall, with Jenna Fitzsimmons likely at the front.

NOTE: I have revised this article to include Valor Christian and Pomona, as they are opting up to 5A for the next cycle.

Continuing through the classification-and-gender combinations, we visit 5A Girls today.

I'll run two different virtual meets for you here on the pages that follow. The first virtual meet will be simply a scoring of returning 5A Girls based on season best times. This page will show the individual results of that for the top 500 returners; page 2 will show the team scoring of that. 

On page 3, you will see a virtual meet of returning runners from State. Page 4 will show the team scoring of those results. I only score these four deep to pick up more teams, since seniors can't be scored in a virtual meet of returning runners, and no team could bring more than seven athletes to State.

There's still much to take place between now and next fall. Teams will add new athletes, especially through the incoming freshman class. Some athletes who ran this year--even at State--will decide not to be part of cross country next fall. Some athletes will train hard and improve, some will not train as diligently and will not show much improvement. Some athletes will transfer or move to another state.

All of that impacts how things will turn out next fall, but virtual meets still give us the best window on what next fall will be like that we can ask for at this distance.

5000 Meter Run (Top 400 Returning Athletes)

1Brynn Siles2020Legacy High School17:29.00 1
2Jenna Fitzsimmons2020Mountain Vista High School17:47.00 2
3Caroline Eck2019Mountain Vista High School17:49.00 3
4Shae Henley2020ThunderRidge High School18:00.70 4
5Julia Schlepp2019Rocky Mountain High School18:11.10 5
6Riley Irwin2021Valor Christian High School18:14.90 6
7Caitlin McConnell2019Cherokee Trail High School18:16.30 7
8Sarah O'Sullivan2020Mountain Vista High School18:17.00 8
9Kaitlyn Mercer2019Grandview High School18:18.00 9
10Sydney Swanker2020Broomfield High School18:18.20 10
11Keely Jones2019Valor Christian High School18:18.60 11
12Taylor Whitfield2021Valor Christian High School18:19.20 12
13Isalina Colsman2020Regis Jesuit18:27.50 13
14Kiran Green2019Brighton High School18:28.40 14
15Madison Reed2020Mountain Vista High School18:29.00 15
16Hope James2020Rock Canyon High School18:30.00 16
17Victoria Hall2020Cherry Creek High School18:34.00 17
18Karmen Rieger2021Rocky Mountain High School18:35.00 18.5
18Makenna Anderson2019Mountain Vista High School18:35.00 18.5
20Carley Bennett2019Lakewood High School18:45.00 20
21Renata Orsi2020Rocky Mountain High School18:52.10 21
22Shannon Osoba2019Rock Canyon High School18:54.00 22
23Elizabeth Schweiker2020Ralston Valley High School18:54.60 23
24Claire Rusovick2020Mountain Range High School18:55.60 24
25Cassidy Hickey2021Chaparral High School19:04.79 25
26Lucy Hart2021Pine Creek High School19:05.00 26
27Tarikwa Woldemariam2020Cherokee Trail High School19:06.50 27
28Lynzie Kutsner2019Rampart High School19:10.50 28
29Erin Smith2020Cherry Creek High School19:11.00 29
30Nina St John2021Rock Canyon High School19:12.00 30
31Billie Fogarty2019Fossil Ridge High School19:12.90 31
32Abby Jones2020Legacy High School19:13.00 32
33Adeline Wilson2019Cherokee Trail High School19:15.50 33
34Soonhee Han2020Cherokee Trail High School19:15.60 34
35Kindyll Wetta2021Valor Christian High School19:16.20 35
36Campbell Faust2021Cherokee Trail High School19:16.80 36
37Audrey Herrald2019Horizon High School19:19.80 37
38Ellie Black2020Fossil Ridge High School19:20.00 38
39Kira MacGill2020Arapahoe High School19:26.00 39
40Sydney Williams2019Chatfield High School19:27.70 40
41Callie Ketner2019Loveland High School19:27.80 41
42Zoe Simmons2019Mountain Vista High School19:28.00 42
43Kyra Stevenson2019Cherokee Trail High School19:28.50 43
44Chloe Smith2021Monarch High School19:29.60 44
45Lauren Lapporte2020Cherry Creek High School19:30.80 45
46Megan Starkey2020Greeley West High School19:33.80 46
47Shantell Hafner2021Mountain Vista High School19:34.00 47
48Marlena Preigh2019Fairview High School19:36.50 48
49Kathryn Hibbard2021Pine Creek High School19:36.76 49
50Mollie Roden2021Rampart High School19:36.80 50
51Brooke Coleman2020Pine Creek High School19:38.00 51
52Bryce Johansen2020Highlands Ranch High School19:38.20 52
53McKenzie Gaines2019Broomfield High School19:38.90 53
54Kinsey Hall2020Fairview High School19:41.00 54.5
54Laura Broderick2019Legacy High School19:41.00 54.5
56Lauren Felknor2020Broomfield High School19:41.40 56
57Allison Edwards2019Fossil Ridge High School19:41.70 57
58Lucy Pidek2019Dakota Ridge High School19:41.97 58
59Mia Henderson2020Heritage High School19:42.10 59
60Brooke Forsythe2019Monarch High School19:43.60 60
61Emily Glynn2021Rock Canyon High School19:43.80 61
62Tegan Bartholomew Brown2020Fairview High School19:47.00 62
63AlanaMarie Barros2021Denver East High School19:48.00 63
64Denika Hallin2019Grandview High School19:49.00 64
65Mikayla Cox2020Doherty High School19:50.00 65
66Anya Tkachenko2019Fossil Ridge High School19:51.70 66
67Natalie Keller2020Cherry Creek High School19:52.00 67
68Elizabeth Cothran2021Chatfield High School19:52.40 68
69Hannah Runyan2020ThunderRidge High School19:53.00 69
70Emma Sees2019Valor Christian High School19:53.30 70
71Kennedy Burch2019Loveland High School19:53.70 71
72Leah Christians2021Douglas County High School19:54.00 72
73Amelia Johannes2019Smoky Hill High School19:54.80 73
74Izzy Heart2019Boulder High School19:56.00 75
74Nicole Killeen2019Columbine High School19:56.00 75
74Sydney Wasson2020Pine Creek High School19:56.00 75
77Lilly Cory2019Denver East High School19:56.50 77
78Julia Mainland2020Monarch High School19:56.60 78
79Alexx Mcmillan2019Prairie View High School19:57.80 79
80Sidney Dionisio2020Douglas County High School19:58.00 80
81Aspen Jeffers2020Chaparral High School19:58.40 81
82Anna Swanson2020Grandview High School19:59.00 82
83Nicole Matuszynski2020Chatfield High School19:59.60 83
84Hope Watkins2021Thornton High School20:00.00 --
84Julia Chambers2019Mountain Vista High School20:00.00 --
86Aloha Churchill2020Fairview High School20:01.00 84
87Kasia Poulson2020Prairie View High School20:02.70 85
88Hannah Nelson2019Legend High School20:02.90 86
89Elizabeth Lapporte2020Cherry Creek High School20:04.00 87
89Jessica Barich2020Mountain Vista High School20:04.00 --
91Bettina Burgess2021Boulder High School20:04.70 88
92Landry Johnston2019Legend High School20:05.00 89
93Emily Hamilton2020Fountain-Fort Carson High School20:05.47 90
94Rachael Blizzard2019Doherty High School20:06.00 91
95Paige Foa2021Arapahoe High School20:06.40 92
96Julianna Dickman2021Heritage High School20:07.00 93.5
96Rachel Meeks2021Ralston Valley High School20:07.00 93.5
98Kristen Farmer2019Fountain-Fort Carson High School20:07.56 95
99Madilynn Edwards2020ThunderRidge High School20:07.60 96
100Abby Snogren2021Cherokee Trail High School20:08.00 97.5
100Amelia DiGiano2021Fairview High School20:08.00 97.5
102Anna Lucy Buddenhagen2020Denver East High School20:09.00 99
103Madison Gibson2020Cherokee Trail High School20:09.50 --
104Jaelyn Salgado2019Greeley West High School20:09.90 100
105Elizabeth Somer2020Regis Jesuit20:10.00 101.5
105Vanessa Haggans2019Fairview High School20:10.00 101.5
107Sabrina Pawlak2019Prairie View High School20:10.10 103
108Sadie Haymond2019Arvada West High School20:10.80 104
109Annelise Kalmbach2019Rocky Mountain High School20:11.70 105
110Alexis Bernthal2021Fairview High School20:12.00 106
110Imani Fernandez-Gorbea2021Fairview High School20:12.00 --
112Cecilia Velarde2021Loveland High School20:13.80 107
113Annemarie Nats2019Mountain Vista High School20:15.00 --
113Cassandra Sterns2020Ralston Valley High School20:15.00 108.5
113Katie Kinch2019Legacy High School20:15.00 108.5
116Paige Hunter2019Mountain Vista High School20:16.00 --
117Ellie Smith2020Fairview High School20:17.00 --
118Alexis Beggan2019Fairview High School20:20.00 --
119Maggie Goeglein2021Cherry Creek High School20:20.20 110
120Sofia Briggs2019Fort Collins High School20:20.80 111
121Kate Zacharias2019Boulder High School20:21.00 112
122Isabel Layne2019Fort Collins High School20:21.20 113
123Edythmae Frodl2021Rocky Mountain High School20:21.30 114
124Mandy Moran2021Grand Junction High School20:21.70 115
125Miranda Manfre2019Bear Creek High School20:23.70 116
126Kailey Seymour2020Castle View High School20:24.00 117.5
126Sadie VanWagenen2020Broomfield High School20:24.00 117.5
128Jordan Peak2019Rampart High School20:24.50 119
129Sophia Sanchez2019Chatfield High School20:25.40 120
130Dolcie Hanlon2021Grand Junction High School20:26.00 121.5
130Lucy Roberts2020Legend High School20:26.00 121.5
132Emily Burg2020Arvada West High School20:26.20 123.5
132Emma Perschke2021Rampart High School20:26.20 123.5
134Loren Ruckmich2020Fountain-Fort Carson High School20:26.51 125
135Emily Deegan2021Rocky Mountain High School20:26.80 126
136Madison Castro2019Heritage High School20:27.70 127
137Ava Schneider2021Fossil Ridge High School20:28.20 128
138Abby Howard2021Denver East High School20:28.70 129
139Rylee Aksamit2020Arapahoe High School20:29.00 130
140Haley Blomquist2021Douglas County High School20:30.00 131.5
140Leaya McKinney2021Castle View High School20:30.00 131.5
142Anna Wexler2020Monarch High School20:30.70 133
143Kelsey Bubier2021ThunderRidge High School20:30.90 134
144Leah Goodloe2020Palmer High School20:31.06 135
145Lindsey Weyant2020Denver East High School20:32.40 136
146Arianna Le2021Monarch High School20:33.00 137.5
146Elle Degrood2019Heritage High School20:33.00 137.5
148Claire Lundstrom2020Horizon High School20:33.30 139
149Alix Huhta2020Loveland High School20:33.80 140
150Ginger Harrington2020Monarch High School20:34.00 141
151Lindsey Parungo2019Arapahoe High School20:34.90 142
152Vivian Johnson2021Monarch High School20:35.00 143
153Blake Poole2019Denver South High School20:36.00 144.5
153Teagan Osoba2021Rock Canyon High School20:36.00 144.5
155Ava Eberly2021Arapahoe High School20:37.10 146.5
155Hadley Jason2019Valor Christian High School20:37.10 146.5
157Anna Hart2019ThunderRidge High School20:37.70 148
158Emma Saint2021Fossil Ridge High School20:38.50 149
159Carmella Wright2020Rocky Mountain High School20:39.00 150
160Amber Noble2021Poudre High School20:40.00 151.5
160Lauren McCaffrey2019Rock Canyon High School20:40.00 151.5
162Mackenzie Mesec2020Columbine High School20:40.20 153
163Vanessa Addison2019Rampart High School20:40.70 154
164Madison Milbourn2020Legacy High School20:41.00 155
165Sophia Jung2019Pine Creek High School20:42.00 156
166Alyssa Lloyd2019ThunderRidge High School20:42.10 157
167Reese Dragovich2021Valor Christian High School20:43.90 158
168Abigail Read2020Brighton High School20:44.30 159
169Alana Graves2020Rock Canyon High School20:47.00 160.5
169Riley Besse2020Columbine High School20:47.00 160.5
171Elena Thoman2020Denver East High School20:49.70 162
172Arianna McCue2019Boulder High School20:50.00 163
173Samantha Schmidt2020Dakota Ridge High School20:50.50 164
174Mirielle Griffin2021Arapahoe High School20:52.60 165
175Josephine Atkinson2021Fairview High School20:53.00 --
175Natalie Burgoyne2021Mountain Vista High School20:53.00 --
177Avery Bolitho2021Horizon High School20:54.00 166.5
177Isabella Jacobson2019Douglas County High School20:54.00 166.5
177Maddie Hope2021Mountain Vista High School20:54.00 --
180Abigail Boaz2021Horizon High School20:55.00 169
180Daniela Meza-Acosta2019Broomfield High School20:55.00 169
180Destiny Butler2019Fossil Ridge High School20:55.00 169
183Hannah Holzemer2019ThunderRidge High School20:55.80 171
184Christina Doolan2021Denver East High School20:56.00 172
185Zoe Fotinos2021Castle View High School20:57.00 173
186Allison Leister2021Broomfield High School20:58.00 175.5
186Bryce Baca2020Legacy High School20:58.00 175.5
186Caitlin Danborn2019Arvada West High School20:58.00 175.5
186Carly Zimmerman2019Lakewood High School20:58.00 175.5
190Chloe Inhelder2020Grandview High School20:58.30 178
191Katie Grabenstein2021Fort Collins High School20:59.10 179
192Emily Martenson2020Grandview High School20:59.70 180
193Taylor Kincaid2020Fruita Monument High School21:00.28 181
194Jessica Croissant2020Mountain Range High School21:01.90 182
195Faith Lind2019Eaglecrest High School21:02.10 183
196Murielle Hecomovich2020Arapahoe High School21:02.90 184
197Madi Mcgovern2019Chaparral High School21:03.00 185
198Kasey Johnson2020ThunderRidge High School21:03.30 --
199Ashlynn Squires2020Fruita Monument High School21:04.69 186
200Alyssa Lee2021Boulder High School21:05.00 187.5
200Shelby Glenn2021Boulder High School21:05.00 187.5
202Olivia Williams2019Eaglecrest High School21:06.00 189
203Kelsey Sonius2020ThunderRidge High School21:06.30 --
204McKenzie Lindgren2021Loveland High School21:06.70 190
205Lilia Scudamore2021Denver East High School21:08.00 --
206Shalika Devireddy2019Regis Jesuit21:08.40 191
207Mckenna Yates2021Brighton High School21:08.80 192
208Olivia Rankin2021Fossil Ridge High School21:08.90 --
209Sophie Thomas2020Valor Christian High School21:10.70 --
210Elaina Arcand2021Fruita Monument High School21:13.73 193
211Sarah Johnson2021Loveland High School21:14.00 194
212Maya Fairchild2019Arvada West High School21:15.00 195
213Hannah Writebol2021Chaparral High School21:15.10 196
214Devin Smith2019Arvada West High School21:15.30 197
215Halie Lewis2020Eaglecrest High School21:15.40 198
216Juliana Lopez2021Heritage High School21:15.50 199
217Abby Russo2020Monarch High School21:17.00 --
218Carly Rockwell2019Fort Collins High School21:17.90 200
219Alli Randall2021Valor Christian High School21:18.00 --
219Jana Van Gytenbeek2020Cherry Creek High School21:18.00 201
221Gwen Ramin2021Rocky Mountain High School21:19.70 --
222Haylee Vannoy2019Arvada West High School21:20.00 202.5
222Maya Davis2020Legacy High School21:20.00 202.5
224Ainsley Hecox2019Dakota Ridge High School21:21.29 204
225Maggie Eng2019ThunderRidge High School21:21.60 --
226Makenna Hobson2019Boulder High School21:22.00 205
227Adele Chism2020Denver South High School21:23.00 206
228Dorothy Bennett2021Horizon High School21:24.80 207
229Amelia Chapman2021Boulder High School21:25.00 --
230Emily Turner2019Denver East High School21:26.00 --
230Mahalia Thomas2019Smoky Hill High School21:26.00 208
232Julea Chappa2019Chaparral High School21:27.00 209
233Grace Burnett2021Denver East High School21:28.00 --
234Michelle Bell2020Greeley West High School21:29.00 210
234Miria Moore2021Boulder High School21:29.00 --
236Caroline Heckman2021Fairview High School21:30.00 --
237Rebecca Payne2020Heritage High School21:31.00 211
238Clare Davidson2020Regis Jesuit21:31.50 212
239Kelsey Puckett2020ThunderRidge High School21:31.70 --
240Maya Winfield2021Denver East High School21:32.00 --
240Nina Florek2020Rampart High School21:32.00 213
242Lauren Steiner2020Poudre High School21:34.10 214
243Ashlyn Maes2020Monarch High School21:35.00 --
244Ciara O'Neill2020Lakewood High School21:36.00 215.5
244Grace O'Meara2021Denver East High School21:36.00 --
244Madeline Duffield2020Regis Jesuit21:36.00 215.5
244Paige DiFronzo2021Monarch High School21:36.00 --
248Pria Zaveri2021Arapahoe High School21:36.90 --
248Shyanne Obernesser2020Mountain Range High School21:36.90 217
250Annie Oberlies2020Regis Jesuit21:37.00 218.5
250Hannah Bachus2019Legacy High School21:37.00 --
250Harley Lehmen2021Boulder High School21:37.00 --
250Julia Solano2020Palmer High School21:37.00 218.5
250Julia Ross2020Rock Canyon High School21:37.00 --
255Penelopy Myers2019Castle View High School21:38.00 220
256Mauryn Toole2020Regis Jesuit21:38.30 221
257Makayla Regalado2020Regis Jesuit21:39.20 --
258Anna Martini2020Boulder High School21:40.00 --
258Avery Sprout2021Valor Christian High School21:40.00 --
258Jordyn Kaplan2019Chaparral High School21:40.00 222
261Abigail Jensen2019Mountain Vista High School21:41.00 --
261Anna Duffy2021Mountain Vista High School21:41.00 --
263McKenna Skokos2020ThunderRidge High School21:41.30 --
264Allison Seng2019ThunderRidge High School21:42.00 --
265Emily Llamas2019Eaglecrest High School21:42.90 223
266Kelly Durkin2019Chaparral High School21:43.00 224
266Liza Colter2021Cherry Creek High School21:43.00 --
268Kylee Quenberg2020Fruita Monument High School21:43.34 225
269Eleana Welsh2019Grandview High School21:44.00 226
269Emily Gerlach2020Cherokee Trail High School21:44.00 --
269Halle Wist2021Cherry Creek High School21:44.00 --
272Megan DeWeese2020Legend High School21:44.80 227
273Noelle Harff2020Highlands Ranch High School21:45.50 228
274Zelly Moore2020Legacy High School21:46.00 --
275Erika Olson2021Douglas County High School21:47.00 229
275Morgan Soares2021Mountain Vista High School21:47.00 --
277Julia Schor2021Denver East High School21:49.00 --
278Jenna Cookson2019Bear Creek High School21:49.10 230
279Tessa Killmon2021Horizon High School21:49.40 231
280Haven Yeager2021Cherry Creek High School21:50.00 --
281Megan Hodges2021Cherokee Trail High School21:50.70 --
282Brooke Washburn2019Rock Canyon High School21:52.00 --
282Juli Yanai2019Arapahoe High School21:52.00 --
284Alison Goodrich2019Monarch High School21:53.00 --
284Emma Mowry2020Legacy High School21:53.00 --
284Estelle Hackos2021Broomfield High School21:53.00 232
287Libby Ogden2021Rock Canyon High School21:54.00 --
288Mary Richardson2020Rampart High School21:54.55 233
289Emily Kennie2021Monarch High School21:55.00 --
289Joanna O'Connell2019Overland High School21:55.00 234
291Lauren Hodges2021Cherokee Trail High School21:55.70 --
292Hannah Kurtz2021Dakota Ridge High School21:55.85 235
293Fiona Hiland2020Eaglecrest High School21:56.30 236
294Hunter Jones2020Arapahoe High School21:57.00 --
295Katherine Gaughan2020Liberty High School21:57.14 237
296Samantha Hotz2020Cherry Creek High School21:58.00 --
297Lauren Gwyn2020Highlands Ranch High School21:59.50 238
298Harper Boggs2020Mountain Vista High School22:02.00 --
298Rosie McVaney2021Valor Christian High School22:02.00 --
300Nadine Almasri2020Pine Creek High School22:02.60 239
301Isabel Beeley2019Mountain Vista High School22:03.00 --
302Ann Kraus2021Fossil Ridge High School22:04.00 --
303Avery Giron2021Loveland High School22:04.20 240
304Carmichael Sherwood2021Gateway High School22:05.00 --
304Zoe Struble2019Fort Collins High School22:05.00 241
306Clason Piers2019Chaparral High School22:06.00 --
306Maisie Moskowitz2020Denver East High School22:06.00 --
306Riley Morris2021Cherry Creek High School22:06.00 --
306Tabitha Balow2020Ralston Valley High School22:06.00 242
310Haley Pitzer2019Palmer High School22:06.53 243
311Kayla Schumacher2019Palmer High School22:06.97 244
312Maya Nussbaumer2021Denver East High School22:07.00 --
313Alaina Kelly2021Mountain Range High School22:07.50 245.5
313Megan Durden2020Legend High School22:07.50 245.5
315Jenae Gibbs2019Valor Christian High School22:08.00 --
315Macenzie Clayton2020Hinkley High School22:08.00 247.5
315Olivia Bawden2020Columbine High School22:08.00 247.5
318Angela Na2019Grandview High School22:09.00 249.5
318Marissa Duffy2021Poudre High School22:09.00 249.5
320Nicole Bergman2020Chatfield High School22:09.30 251
321Maddi Stevens2019Legacy High School22:10.00 --
321Piper Potts2020Boulder High School22:10.00 --
323Nakita Overberg2019Mountain Range High School22:10.10 252
324Kendra Roth2020Greeley West High School22:11.00 253
325Diana Torres2021Douglas County High School22:12.00 254.5
325Zoe Plechaty2019Dakota Ridge High School22:12.00 254.5
327Ariana Brecl2020Highlands Ranch High School22:12.20 256
328Stefania Nevarez2020Castle View High School22:12.51 257
329Carlee Clifford2019Arapahoe High School22:13.00 --
330Breck Berglund2019Poudre High School22:13.20 258
331Claire McDowall2020Douglas County High School22:14.00 259.5
331Claire Ely2021Denver East High School22:14.00 --
331Tatiana Hamilton2019Columbine High School22:14.00 259.5
334Tara Durbin2021Fountain-Fort Carson High School22:14.74 261
335Miroslava Becerra Garcia2019Legacy High School22:15.00 --
336Megan Lindsey2021Loveland High School22:15.90 --
337Annie Baker2019Arapahoe High School22:16.00 --
337Grace Fink2021Boulder High School22:16.00 --
337Jacquelynn Anderson2021Fairview High School22:16.00 --
340Makayla Blair2020Legend High School22:17.00 262
341Shelby Phillips2019Fruita Monument High School22:17.48 263
342Alyssa Kimes2021Cherokee Trail High School22:18.00 --
342Emery Highsmith2020Arapahoe High School22:18.00 --
342Katelyn Banks2021Arapahoe High School22:18.00 --
345Annie Suzanne Grinde2021Boulder High School22:19.00 --
345Naomi deRidder2021Arapahoe High School22:19.00 --
347Elan Fleetwood2021Legend High School22:20.00 264
347Emma Lookner2020Monarch High School22:20.00 --
349Sophia Le2019Monarch High School22:21.00 --
349Sydny Oryshchyn2019Dakota Ridge High School22:21.00 265
351Hannah Davidson2020Regis Jesuit22:22.00 --
351Jordan Gossett2021Mountain Vista High School22:22.00 --
353Chloe Circenis2021Loveland High School22:24.00 --
354Eliza Hale2019Broomfield High School22:25.00 --
354Molly Leader2021Boulder High School22:25.00 --
356Ali McIntosh2020Fort Collins High School22:26.00 266.5
356Jordyn Pollock2019Lakewood High School22:26.00 266.5
358Abby Vagher2019Dakota Ridge High School22:26.08 268
359Allie Park2019ThunderRidge High School22:26.40 --
360Kylee Sellers2021Dakota Ridge High School22:26.98 --
361Danielle Ashton2020Arapahoe High School22:27.00 --
361Mandy Brockamp2021Grandview High School22:27.00 --
363Izzy Weiss2019Rock Canyon High School22:28.00 --
363Renee Tracy2021Rangeview High School22:28.00 --
363Sarah Snyder2020Broomfield High School22:28.00 --
363Tatiana Rivera2019Eaglecrest High School22:28.00 269
367Kari Reuter2019Heritage High School22:28.30 270
368Ali Brzostowicz2020Monarch High School22:29.00 --
368Ellie McWhirter2020Denver East High School22:29.00 --
370Morgan Linger2020Chatfield High School22:29.10 271
371Evangelyne Eliason2019Smoky Hill High School22:29.90 272
372Carly Eberhart2020Regis Jesuit22:30.00 --
372Elizabeth Rohwer2019Lakewood High School22:30.00 273
374Teagan Kelly2020Chatfield High School22:30.70 274
375Catie Clarke2020Denver South High School22:31.00 276
375Paula Andrade2020Hinkley High School22:31.00 276
375Rylie Vaughan2020Horizon High School22:31.00 276
375Sophie Bakke2021ThunderRidge High School22:31.00 --
379Ellie Schueler2021Palmer High School22:31.76 278
380Julia Straley2021Castle View High School22:31.97 279
381Nicole Loomis2020Rock Canyon High School22:32.00 --
381Theresa Harbert2020Mountain Vista High School22:32.00 --
383Jordan Roeser2020Rock Canyon High School22:33.00 --
383Josie Dudden2019Horizon High School22:33.00 --
383Julia Castillo2021Boulder High School22:33.00 --
383Rhyse Kuechenmeister2020Ralston Valley High School22:33.00 280
383Sarah Treiber2021Chaparral High School22:33.00 --
383Serene Mather2020Denver East High School22:33.00 --
389Emma Hatton2019Fountain-Fort Carson High School22:33.53 281
390Peyton Barnhardt2021Legacy High School22:35.00 --
391Emily Stewart2020Broomfield High School22:36.00 --
392Adrianna Campbell2020Legacy High School22:37.00 --
392Ainsley Mcgowan2019Cherokee Trail High School22:37.00 --
392Emma Maxwell2019Columbine High School22:37.00 282.5
392Kate Rowland2020Overland High School22:37.00 282.5
396Elaina-Neveah DeHoyas2021Prairie View High School22:37.60 284
397Audrey Corrado2020Rock Canyon High School22:38.00 --
398Desiree Goldsmith2020Prairie View High School22:38.30 285
399Audrey Moehring2021Fort Collins High School22:39.00 287.5
399Brooklyn Parsons2020Greeley West High School22:39.00 287.5
399Madeleine Palmgren2020Mountain Vista High School22:39.00 --
399Makayla Moran2019Grand Junction High School22:39.00 287.5
399Patricia Cahill2020Castle View High School22:39.00 287.5