Harrison Scudamore 13th At Foot Locker Nationals

Harrison Scudamore rolled to a 13th-place finish at the 2017 running of Foot Locker Nationals.

For one last time in 2017, Colorado overachieved in cross country.

A seventh-place finish at Foot Locker Midwest would not normally portend a 13th-place finish at Nationals, but Harrison Scudamore made it so nonetheless.

Scudamore ran 15:48.3 over the hilly Balboa Park course to leave his mark on the national championship scene. His finish, while not part of the Midwest scoring five, was just high enough to displace the fifth south region runner and secure the team title for the Midwest contingent.

Interestingly, Harrison was not the first Scudamore mark left at Foot Locker Nationals. Harrison's father ran twice at Foot Locker (then Kinney) Nationals. In 1986, David Scudamore finished 15th at the national championship race. He came back in 1987 with a 15:21.6 for 10th place.

The elder Scudamore ran for Palos Verdes High School in southern California.