Colorado Shines At RunningLane National Championships

Where to begin?


Anyone who was there is still trying to process what just happened at the Garmin RunningLane Championships Saturday.

There's soo much to unpack, particularly for Colorado, who - as a whole - came, saw, and conquered RunningLane. 

And it wasn't just quality that Colorado brought to RunningLane, it was quantity -- according to RunningLane meet officials, Colorado was the second-most represented state at the meet. 

Anyone who made the trip noticed the chaos of not just what was happening on the course, but off the course as well - the crowd, the energy, was insane. It had the feel of the NCAA Division 1 Championships. 

Nearly every athlete interviewed noted the crowd, and how it urged them on. If there was ever a day or a place to be a cross country runner, it was was Saturday at RunningLane...

Let's get into it...

In a quick glimpse, Colorado had three teams capture podium finishes in the Gold Race, and four runners nab Top-10 finishes.

Among the (many) highlights has to be the RunningLane National Champions, the Niwot girls. 

In arguably the most-competitive team race in the country this year, they took care of business. 

The girls race race included US No. 2 Buchanan, US No. 3 Niwot, US No. 4 Arapahoe, US No. 5 Cherry Creek, and the list goes on