Monday Morning Recap: It Gets REAL In Colorado

The final week of indoor track and field in Colorado did not disappoint! 

It was the last chance to shake up the Colorado indoor state rankings, and quite a few athletes took the opportunity to their full advantage. 

Let's get in to it, here are the highlights of the highlights... 

We'll start with the biggest show on the western slope - the Western Colorado University High School Indoor Open

Charles LaFore capped Colorado's indoor season with a Colorado No. 1 in the weight throw. LaFlore tossed 54-9 to win the event over Blaine Fisher's 50-4. LaFlore also won the shot put in 52-2.5. Meanwhile Ben Kirk starred on the track, running a CO No. 2 of 22.27 to win the 200. And moving way up in distance, the 3,200 was a battle - and not just with Gunnison's thin, thin air, but between Tyler Stogsdill and Jackson Baker. 16 laps could barely separate the two - Stogsdill won the event in 10:19.65 to Baker's 10:19.86.

Elizabeth Johnson swept the 60 and the 200 - she picked up two top-six marks, while Tristian Spence swept the distance events, running an impressive CO No. 1 of 11:57 in the 3,200.

In Colorado Springs there were plenty of fireworks at the Let's Get REAL Invitational.

The boys 800 saw the top-nine fastest times in Colorado this indoor season. Drew Costelow topped them all with a 1:55.22. Keenan Urdiales was second in 1:57.43, while the next six dipped under two-minutes.

Doubling upwards in distance Tyler Nord ran away with the mile in a CO No. 1 of 4:26.13. Similar to the 800, the mile saw the top-seven times run, as the top-seven ran under 4:39.

Sticking with the theme of state-leading marks, Frederick Ambrose ran a CO No. 1 of 10:15.21 to win the 3,200, while Carsen Bruns and PJ Robinson remained on fire, both were clocked at 7.90 the 60 Hurdles - that's a CO No. 1, and a US No. 9. 

Meanwhile Osita Agno leapt to a CO No. 1 of 43-5 to win the triple jump, while Alec Falk tossed a CO No. 1 of 52-10.5 to win the shot put.

Six state-leading marks, and that was just the boys...

Riley Stewart torched the field, and the track, running a CO No. 1 of 2:12.89 in the 800, while Bethany Michalak did the same in the mile, running a CO No. 1 of 5:05.23. Brooke Wilson was just seven-seconds back in 5:12 for a CO No. 2. Meanwhile Fabiola Belibi ran 8.91 to win the 60H - that's a CO No. 2, only behind her own 8.59, and Casia Provencal ran a CO No. 2 of 7.72 in the 60.

Agur Dwol swept the horizontal jumps, winning the long jump with a leap of 19-9.5, and the triple jump in 40-9 - that's her fifth-consecutive time over 40-feet this indoor season.

Who's ready for outdoor?


Let's Get REAL Invitational

UCCS Indoor Track Colorado Springs, CO
Feb 19, 2022
958 Total Performances (922 CO)

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Elite Performances

Girls (58)
60mF 2 2nd7.72Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60mF 2 3rd7.75Sophia McHenryUnattached - CO
60mF 2 4th7.77Courtney WilbornAngel Flight
60mF 2 5th7.89Janise EverettREAL Training
60mF 1 6th7.93Kimora NorthrupREAL Training
60mp 13 1st7.83Sophia McHenryUnattached - CO
60mp 8 3rd7.87Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60mp 3 4th7.95Janise EverettREAL Training
60mp 7 5th7.96Courtney WilbornAngel Flight
400mF 22 1st59.27Kimora NorthrupREAL Training
400mF 22 2nd59.44Jocelyn MillicanUnattached - CO
400mF 21 3rd1:00.69Cea EsquibelREAL Training
400mF 20 4th1:00.89Peyton GarrisonCoal Ridge High School
800mF 5 1st2:12.89Riley StewartKokopelli Racing Team
800mF 5 3rd2:19.04Sydney MorrellUnattached - CO
800mF 5 4th2:19.68Cadence LappREAL Training
800mF 5 5th2:21.04Kinsey ChristiansonSteadfast Track Academy
800mF 5 6th2:21.74Cea EsquibelREAL Training
800mF 5 7th2:22.04Julia RudolphREAL Training
800mF 4 8th2:23.73Anna ProkREAL Training
800mF 4 9th2:24.30Wendy CheruiyotREAL Training
800mF 4 10th2:24.82Tessa WalterKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 5 1st5:05.23Bethany MichalakKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 5 2nd5:12.59Brooke WilsonValor Christian High School
MileF 5 3rd5:15.09Keeghan EdwardsValor Christian High School
MileF 5 4th5:17.11Nadhia CamposUnattached - CO
MileF 5 5th5:19.77Sydney MorrellUnattached - CO
MileF 5 6th5:20.64Sierra ParksREAL Training
MileF 5 7th5:22.64Katelyn MaleyKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 5 8th5:22.94Kaya PillivantUnattached - CO
MileF 4 9th5:24.39Tatum SnowKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 4 10th5:24.62Jordan BantaKokopelli Racing Team
MileF 5 11th5:26.01Cadence LappREAL Training
MileF 4 12th5:27.57Olivia AlessandriniREAL Training
60HF 1 1st8.91Fabiola BelibiSteadfast Track Academy
60HF 1 2nd9.02Casia ProvencalAngel Flight
60HF 1 3rd9.10Kendall MccoyAngel Flight
60HF 1 4th9.13Courtney WilbornAngel Flight
60HF 1 5th9.14Kimora NorthrupREAL Training
60Hp 1 1st8.92Fabiola BelibiSteadfast Track Academy
60Hp 3 2nd9.21Kimora NorthrupREAL Training
HJF 1 5th5-0Fabiola BelibiSteadfast Track Academy
HJF 1 4th5-2Ariel BaileySteadfast Track Academy
HJF 1 1st5-4Dallis RobinsonSteadfast Track Academy
HJF 1 2nd5-4Bradie MenegattiREAL Training
HJF 1 3rd5-4Sierra HabermanUnattached - CO
LJF 1 9th16-3.25Kate MurdockREAL Training
LJF 2 8th16-4Paige HydenREAL Training
LJF 3 6th16-8Harlie LewallenREAL Training
LJF 2 7th16-8Kiara WelchREAL Training
LJF 3 5th16-11.25Kathryn CarrollREAL Training
LJF 3 4th17-0.25Kaeli PoweAngel Flight
LJF 3 2nd18-1.5Fabiola BelibiSteadfast Track Academy
LJF 3 1st19-9.5Agur DwolMile High Track Club
TJF 2 3rd35-0.25Kiara WelchREAL Training
TJF 2 2nd36-8Kaeli PoweAngel Flight
TJF 2 1st40-9Agur DwolMile High Track Club
PVF 1 1st11-0Katie WronaLiberty Common High School
Boys (54)
60mF 2 1st7.04Dante CapolungoDakota Ridge High School
60mF 2 2nd7.05Simeon WhitakerREAL Training
60mF 2 3rd7.06Chris YoungsAMATA
60mF 1 4th7.09Jack WardPonderosa High School
60mF 2 5th7.15Noah TriplettDakota Ridge High School
60mF 1 6th7.23Zander CruzanMontezuma-Cortez High School
60mF 1 7th7.25Spencer CedrunREAL Training
60mp 8 1st7.12Simeon WhitakerREAL Training
60mp 2 2nd7.14Dante CapolungoDakota Ridge High School
60mp 7 3rd7.16Isaak EasleyAngel Flight
60mp 6 4th7.18Chris YoungsAMATA
60mp 5 5th7.18Noah TriplettDakota Ridge High School
60mp 3 6th7.22Luguse NussREAL Training
200mF 25 1st22.65Carsen BrunsREAL Training
200mF 25 2nd23.02Simeon WhitakerREAL Training
200mF 24 3rd23.23Tavon UnderwoodUnattached - CO
200mF 24 4th23.25Alex HermanREAL Training
400mF 30 1st51.15Carsen BrunsREAL Training
400mF 30 2nd51.22Henry PrusseUnattached - CO
400mF 30 3rd51.86Bennett FeldenkirchenREAL Training
400mF 30 4th51.96Ben ClassenREAL Training
800mF 7 1st1:55.22Drew CostelowValor Christian High School
800mF 7 2nd1:57.43Keenan UrdialesUnattached - CO
800mF 6 3rd1:58.41Joe KirwanREAL Training
800mF 6 4th1:58.50Jackson NepplUnattached - CO
800mF 7 5th1:58.87Henry PrusseUnattached - CO
800mF 7 6th1:58.91Enzo KnappREAL Training
800mF 7 7th1:59.73Tristan KnueppelUnattached - CO
800mF 7 8th1:59.81Knox ExtonREAL Training
800mF 6 9th2:00.20Kaden LevingsREAL Training
800mF 7 10th2:00.55Bridger BrokawUnattached - CO
800mF 6 11th2:01.02Collin MooreVista Ridge High School
800mF 6 12th2:01.13Cedar CollinsREAL Training
MileF 8 1st4:26.13Tyler NordREAL Training
MileF 8 2nd4:31.15Knox ExtonREAL Training
MileF 8 3rd4:32.27Henry IlyosovaREAL Training
MileF 7 4th4:34.02Cedar CollinsREAL Training
MileF 8 5th4:34.94Dane EikeValor Christian High School
MileF 8 6th4:35.40Sebastian GroomFrontier Academy
MileF 7 7th4:38.11Zinabu EngstromREAL Training
MileF 8 8th4:38.65Tyler BallUnattached - CO
MileF 8 9th4:39.16Lucas BossingerUnattached - CO
MileF 8 10th4:39.28Jake BachUnattached - CO
MileF 8 11th4:39.71Keenan UrdialesUnattached - CO
MileF 8 12th4:41.21Matthew EdwardsKokopelli Racing Team
3200mF 2 1st10:15.21Frederick AmbroseREAL Training
3200mF 2 2nd10:17.16Kipkorir CheruiyotREAL Training
60HF 1 1st7.90Carsen BrunsREAL Training
60HF 1 2nd7.90PJ RobinsonSteadfast Track Academy
60Hp 1 1st8.03PJ RobinsonSteadfast Track Academy
60Hp 2 2nd8.16Carsen BrunsREAL Training
LJF 3 1st21-0.25Elijah InamaREAL Training
TJF 1 1st43-5Osita AgnoUnattached - CO
SF 1 1st52-10.5Alec FalkREAL Training

Simplot Games - Canceled

Idaho State University Pocatello, ID
Feb 17, 2022 Feb 19, 2022

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Western Colorado University High School Indoor Open

Mountaineer Field House Gunnison, CO
Feb 19, 2022
144 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (6)
60mF 1 1st7.82Elizabeth JohnsonHustle Track Club
200mF 1 1st25.73Elizabeth JohnsonHustle Track Club
MileF 1 1st5:16.33Tristian SpenceCentral Grand Junction High School
3200mF 1 1st11:57.34Tristian SpenceCentral Grand Junction High School
HJF 1 1st5-2Nykole MeshewUnattached - CO
WTF 1 1st40-6.5Brooke FrankeHustle Track Club
Boys (17)
60mF 1 1st7.08Myles WilsonAngel Flight
60mF 1 2nd7.10Ben KirkHustle Track Club
60mF 1 3rd7.19Aedan LowtherColumbine High School
60mF 1 4th7.23Amaris MoraUnattached - CO
60mF 1 5th7.25Josh StroupUnattached - CO
60mp 2 1st7.06Ben KirkHustle Track Club
60mp 1 2nd7.16Myles WilsonAngel Flight
60mp 2 3rd7.21Amaris MoraUnattached - CO
60mp 1 4th7.22Aedan LowtherColumbine High School
200mF 1 1st22.27Ben KirkHustle Track Club
200mF 1 2nd22.88Myles WilsonAngel Flight
3200mF 1 1st10:19.65Tyler StogsdillCentral Grand Junction High School
3200mF 1 2nd10:19.86Jackson BakerUnattached - CO
WTF 1 2nd50-4Blaine FisherHustle Track Club
WTF 1 1st54-9Charles LaForeColorado Elite Track Cub
SF 1 2nd51-5.5Ethan HollinsheadUnattached - CO
SF 1 1st52-2.5Charles LaForeColorado Elite Track Cub

Topeka Super Indoor Invitational

Washburn Indoor Athletic Facility Topeka, KS
Feb 19, 2022
433 Total Performances (8 CO)