Mountain Vista Soars At The Dave Sanders Invitational

Brooke Adams wasn't feeling too great three minutes into the Dave Sanders Invitational.

While she led the girl's D1 race alongside her younger sister Peyton Adams, her stomach didn't want to agree with what she was doing. 

She closed her eyes and tried to bury the nausea back down. 

But no-- 

In short, lunch came up, and out.

And in that moment Brooke embodied the definition of resilient

The Mountain Vista senior didn't stop or quit. She didn't even slow down in fact. She kept going.

Brooke didn't lose a step. 


While her sister sister Peyton looked on in shock, the two Adams sisters maintained control of the pace, and the race. 

It was a moment that seemed to define not only the Adams sisters, but the Mountain Vista girls team, who came, saw, and conquered. 

Brooke went on to not only overcome a mid-race hurdle, she won the race. The Mountain Vista senior ran 18:11 - that's the seventh-fastest time on the course.

And we haven't even touched on the heat of the day...

Peyton made it a Adams-Sister/Mountain Vista 1-2 finish, crossing the line four seconds later in 18:15. 

Vista Nation went on to put five inside the top-eight, with only three runners not wearing green breaking up the party. 

Cheyenne Central's Sydney Morrell finished third in 18:17, as the top-three were clear of the field by another 43-seconds. 

Mountain Vista seniors Keira Gamily and Annie Romalia came in on just the other side of 19-minutes, running 19:00, and 19:08, while Fossil Ridge's Tatum Berg was a stride back in 19:10. 

Dakota Ridge's Hanan Aldelemy finished seventh in 19:38, which was just ahead of Mountain Vista's fifth runner - Jessica Derickson, who finished eight in 19:41.

Before we dive into who won the team race, we'll round of the top-10...

Fossil Ridge's Samantha Geraets finished ninth in 19:46, which was just ahead of - say it with me now - Mountain Vista's Addi Twete and Carly Christians - both freshmen. 

Mountain Vista put five inside the top-eight, and their entire top-seven in the top-11. Vista Nation tallied a jaw-dropping 20 points to dominate the team race. Fossil Ridge took second with 80 points, led by the Berg and Gerates, who both dipped inside the top-10, while Dakota Ridge took third with 114 points.

And the Mountain Vista girls weren't the only ones with dominating performance, the boys nearly duplicated the feat in the boy's race.


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