Week In Review: Fire On The Course

Schrödinger's cat is out of the bag.

Or is it?

I think we can (almost) say that we've seen (almost) everyone's cards by now. Maybe. Maybe not. It's been a season full of misdirection, a season of racing at half-strength one week, maybe sitting someone out the next, or racing in another state, or simply just getting better every week. 

Needless to say it gives a nice challenging twist to analysis. 

So, for this week's edition of the Week In Review, let's go back to that Cats-Out-Of-The-Bag (or is it?) line... 

The JeffCo League Meet was revealing in many ways. Let's zero in on the freshmen: Valor Christian's Brooke Wilson took her fist big win over a stellar field - in a course record, and Pomona's Emma Stutzman went stride-for-stride with the best in the state for the first time, and nearly hung on for that final kick...

Cat out of the bag: Wilson and Stutzman are Legit. 

Cat still in the bag: Were Wilson and teammate Taylor Whitfield racing at full strength?

Perhaps we'll know in a few weeks... 

And how about the Golden Girls going 1-2 in the 4A race - Rachel Goodrich and Lily Mourer.

We won't have to pose any question for Valor's Cole Sprout, because we (sort of) already know the answer, which makes his 15:13 course record at the Stony Creek Golf Course (Previous record: 16:25) all the more impressive (he wasn't racing at full-strength.) 

Editor's Note: Shoutout to Grahm Tuohy-GaydosColin Szuch, and Bryce Reeburgh for breaking the course record a half hour earlier.

Likewise, Dakota Ridge's Connor Ohlson was just 17 seconds behind Sprout, and look at Cole Nash - eight seconds behind Ohlson... 

Cat out of the bag: Nash is ready to Smash

Cat still in the bag: Was Ohlson racing at full-strength? Was Nash?

On the topic of Schrödinger's cat: Mountain Vista at the Continental League Finals.

Jenna Fitzsimmons and Sarah O'Sullivan go 1-2 in 19:25 and 19:38, team title with ease. 

Cat out of the bag: Fitzsimmons is (fully) back!

Cat still in the bag: Were Fitzsimmons and O'Sullivan cruisin'?

And on the boy's side, we've got to put a spotlight on the Kick Of the Week, because it was great (click on the link) Jack O'Sullivan over Cory Kennedy by fractions of a second for the title. Meanwhile Wesley Beckham and Derek Fearon were just a few seconds back - that had to be one intense final mile...