Air Force HS Open: 6 Competitions To Watch

Can you hear it?

Echoes ricochetting off the walls. Anxious screams of encouragement. The pitter patter of spikes clawing at the track. The sound of effort.

And then that crescendo when someone crosses that line, clears that bar, or lands safely near the edge of the box sending a shockwave of sand outwards into the world.

That crescendo never gets old... 

This weekend some of the best athletes spanning from coast to coast will descend on Cadet Field House at the Air Force Academy for the 2020 edition of the Air Force High School Indoor Open.

Titans will clash on the 268-meters royal blue track - the second-highest elevation track in the country.

The fact that it's looking to be a balmy 60-degrees in Colorado Springs Saturday really robs me of using that overly-worn line of "it's cold outside but it'll be hot inside," but it's true - there will be plenty of hotly contested competitions indoors this weekend. 

And if you can't make it down to Colorado Springs - we've got you covered! We'll be streaming the meet LIVE starting Friday at 5 p.m. 

We've got the Tony Romo of track and field commentating - Loren Ahonen - on the mic, so don't miss out!

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Here are six competitions you'll want to keep an eye on this weekend...