Family Affairs Oct 27, 2013

Sisters Natalie and Mae Anderson are an example of the most obvious key to success in 2A cross country. Photos by Alan Versaw.

Monarchs of a lofty domain Oct 27, 2013

Ashley Litoff crosses the creek with barely a splash to lead the Monarch Coyotes home in a dominating team victory. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

In a league of their own Oct 28, 2013

It's tough enough just to overcome Lauren Gregory's talent, but as she starts to take on the patterns of a wily old veteran, it becomes even tougher. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

The new Frontier Oct 27, 2013

Jacob Benson celebrates a hard-earned victory over Salida's Taylor Stack. Photo by Logan McCoy.

Purple is the color of royalty Oct 27, 2013

Eva-Lou Edwards emerges from the dust and shadows of the creek crossing en route to the day's largest victory. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Perfection Oct 27, 2013

Ever so briefly, Paul Roberts left the outcome of this race in doubt. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

State Previews: 5A Boys Oct 24, 2013

Connor Weaver and Zachary Alhamra battled for a long time at last Thursday's regional race before Alhamra broke away for the win. Photo by Mark Weeks.

State Previews: 2A Boys Oct 21, 2013

Custer County's Corey Lewenkamp has demonstrated an eagerness to mix it up with the state's top talent all fall. He seeks to reap the rewards of those effort on Saturday. Colorado Track XC file photo.

10 questions answered! Oct 26, 2013

Joel Such fights off a bid from Ben Butler to seal the deal on Lyons' perfect score. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Previews: 5A Girls Oct 22, 2013

As they were at Pat Amato, Emma Gee, Kaitlyn Benner, Ashley Litoff, and Claire Green figure to be doing time at or near the front of the race on Saturday. Photo by Ashley Green.

State Previews: 4A Boys Oct 23, 2013

If you're looking for a team to create havoc at the state meet that you might not have been thinking about, this would be your crew. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Previews: 3A Girls Oct 23, 2013

Tabor Scholl returns to the state meet on Saturday in hopes of regaining the crown she lost in 2012. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Previews: 3A Boys Oct 21, 2013

Job one for Chris Baker will be winning a team state title, but if things go well he may figure into the individual race as well. Photo by Ron Eberhard.

State Previews: 2A Girls Oct 24, 2013

If you're looking for a wild card who could potentially spin the 2A girls race for a loop, you need look no further than Jenna Anderson. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Going out on top Oct 26, 2013

Before they parted company, Miriam Roberts and Natalie Anderson had already established clear leadership of the 2A individual race. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

State Previews: 4A Girls Oct 21, 2013

Get to know this face, because Jenna McCaffrey is the newest member of the Niwot shock-and-awe team. Photo by Alan Versaw.

The Path to State Oct 5, 2013

It's a long, and sometimes difficult, path to state. Here is an explanation of who will make it. Photo by Alan Versaw.