Colorado State Track and Field Championships 2015

Lakewood, CO


What Was Different about May 15? May 30, 2015

Though it didn't break any state meet records, the 3A race between Dominic Carrese and Jake Dunn offered the most stirring finish of the state 800s. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Nobody Can Lasso the Longhorns May 17, 2015

Ross Dunlap and Rafe Hutches gave Springfield a powerful presence in the 400 meters (and elsewhere). Photos by Alan Versaw.

Lyons Wins 2A Boys War of Attrition May 16, 2015

It took Paul Roberts a while to drop the stubborn resistance from Corey Lewenkamp, but once he did he very nearly chased down the 2A state meet record for the 1600. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Colter 4:46 1600 At 5K+ Feet Elevation! May 16, 2015

After her US #1 2:04 state record 800 yesterday, Jordyn Colter did it again! Fastest 1600 ever on Colorado soil on Saturday! 4:46.22 at Colorado State Championships!

US #1 800 State Records Go Down In Colorado! May 16, 2015

Jordyn Colter's 2:04.56 and Blake Yount's 1:50.59 take down Colorado home soil state records as well as move them to US #1 in the 800 with their Friday races at Colorado State Meet.

800 Records Fall Like Rain May 15, 2015

At the end of the day, Jordyn Colter and Blake Yount had Colorado's high school 800 meters records, but not the same ones they started the day with. Photos by Alan Versaw.

5A Thursday Notes May 15, 2015

Zoe Gilbertson won first round of the 100 hurdles, but a more important round awaits her. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Thursday Notes May 15, 2015

Chad Mikelson was a little torn between events today, but his triple jump results didn't suffer in the least. Photo by Alan Versaw.

1A Thursday Notes May 14, 2015

Antonya Schaffert of Otis and Luke Duggan of Pawnee were among today's big winners in 1A. Photos by Alan Versaw.