Liberty Common High School Fort Collins, CO, USA

Liberty Common High School

2745 Minnesota Drive Fort Collins, CO, USA
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3A Boys XC By Rankings Alan Versaw Jul 8, 2017

Nate MacDonald was D'Evelyn's top finisher at State last fall and one of a lengthy list of reasons D'Evelyn is a good team to have an eye on this fall. 

2A boys, take two Alan Versaw Apr 23, 2014

After a couple years of stark domination by Lyons, suddenly 2A boys is a contest again. As with most other things in life, ebb and flow is part of the cycle of things.

Velveted Lion paws Alan Versaw Oct 19, 2013

Marcel Such glances back to check on the status of the pursuit while Matt Dillon, Paul Roberts, and Joel Such keep the pace subdued in front. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Girls XC 2013 Alan Versaw Jun 29, 2013

You wouldn't necessarily know she runs for Hotchkiss with her bib pinned over the school imprint, but Sophia Schelle is one of the reasons that Hotchkiss will enter the 2013 cross country season as the 2A favorities. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

2A Boys 2014 Alan Versaw Jun 3, 2013

John Broadhead became a serious force for Telluride in the jumps this year. He could be the classification's top all-around jumper in 2014. Photo by David Pressgrove.

League Meets Complete! Alan Versaw May 12, 2013

Gabby Pajak and Toni Stoll, Pagosa's dynamic duo--between them, they accounted for 72 points at Saturday's Intermountain League meet. Photo by Aaron Lorenzen.