Monday Morning Recap: Blazing In Arizona

If results from the NIKE Chandler Rotary Invite hint at anything, it's that we've got a big season in Colorado coming. Big, like tsunami-style. 

There was soo much action down in Chandler, Arizona, it's hard to encapsulate it all - the distance events were mind-boggling...

Here are the highlights of the highlights.

We'll start with the boy's 3,200 - because it wasn't just a high-quality race, it was high quantity as well.

Colorado had a staggering three boys crack the nine-minute barrier. 

Zane Bergen lead the way for Colorado, winning the event in 8:57.51. James Overberg, and Erik Le Roux also dipped under the barrier to give Colorado the 1-2-3 finish. Overberg finished second in 8:59.31, whille Le Roux was hot on his heels in third, finishing in 8:59.75. Grayden Rauba was agonizingly close to cracking nine as well - he just on the other side, finishing fourth in 9:01.79.

At of this writing, Bergen, Caleb Boutelle, Overberg, and Le Roux are ranked in the Top 12 nationally in the 3,200 - that's four Coloradans in the top-12... 12 Colorado boys broke 9:20, and 19 broke 9:30.

Moving along... 

Several of Colorado's 3,200 runners doubled back for the 1,600, and Harrison Witt toed the line here as well. 

Just over four minutes and seven seconds later, Witt crossed the finish line to claim victory in the event for a Colorado sweep of the distance events. Witt's 4:07.14 is a US No. 3, and won the event by nearly two-seconds. Bergen finished third, crossing the line in 4:11.72. Rauba, Overberg and Le Roux went 5-6-7 here, running 4:15-4:16-4:16. Nine Colorado boys broke 4:20, and 17 broke 4:25.

On the girl's side of the competition Madison Shults and Riley Stewart made for a great finish in the 1,600. 

Stewart held a sizable lead into the final lap, though Shults turned on boosters in the final 100. This race was soo close in fact, that Stewart appears to have won the 1,600 - running 4:45.76, which was just ahead of Shults' 4:45.81. But the event was a a full-mile, and Shults' final kick gave her the W, as she crossed the finish line of the mile first. Currently their times are a US No. 5 and No. 6

Editor's Note: Our results database isn't currently showing this event as a full mile. Please bare with us.

Mia Prok also dipped under the 4:50 barrier, finishing fourth in 4:49.13, which was just ahead of Lucca Fulkerson's 4:50.79. Five Colorado girls broke 5 minutes, and 14 broke 5:10.

Fulkerson put together a big together as well. She finished second in the 3,200, running 10:20.73 - that's a US No. 13Bethany Michalak finished fourth in 10:37, while Emma StutzmanAllison BeasleySierra ParksMia Mraz, and Nina St John all broke the 11-minute barrier. Stutzman ran 10:50, Beasley ran 10:53, Parks ran 10:53, Mraz ran 10:54, and St John ran 10:58.

Heading down in distance, Taylor James appears to be revving up her engine - she put together a solid triple, running the 200, 400, and 800. The Niwot senior won the 800 in a season-best of 2:09.44 - that's a US No. 6. James also took second in the 400, running 56.47, which was just ahead of Kimora Northrup's 56.87.

In the 200 Symone Adams finished fourth, running 25.16, which was two-hundredths of a second ahead of James' 25.18.


NIKE Chandler Rotary Invite

Chandler High School Chandler, AZ
Apr 9, 2021 Apr 10, 2021
3,149 Total Performances (596 CO)

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Elite Performances

Girls (52)
200mF 1 4th25.16Symone AdamsSteadfast Track Academy
200mF 1 5th25.18Taylor JamesReal Training
400mF 1 2nd56.47Taylor JamesReal Training
400mF 1 3rd56.87Kimora NorthrupReal Training
400mF 1 4th57.27Madison ShultsReal Training
400mF 1 5th57.56Reese DragovichUnattached - CO
800mF 1 1st2:09.44Taylor JamesReal Training
800mF 1 5th2:18.82Kendall MadineReal Training
800mF 1 6th2:19.26Cadence LappReal Training
800mF 1 9th2:19.47Stella ViethReal Training
800mF 1 10th2:19.52Emma StutzmanTrials of Miles Track Club
800mF 1 11th2:19.65Maren BusathUnattached - CO
800mF 1 12th2:19.71Keira GamilyUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 1st4:45.76Riley StewartKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 2nd4:45.81Madison ShultsReal Training
1600mF 1 4th4:49.13Mia ProkReal Training
1600mF 1 6th4:50.79Lucca FulkersonReal Training
1600mF 1 7th4:54.90Brooke WilsonUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 10th5:01.92Jocelyn MillicanUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 12th5:04.74Allison BeasleyReal Training
1600mF 1 13th5:06.22Emma StutzmanTrials of Miles Track Club
1600mF 1 14th5:06.33Madelyn BlazoKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 15th5:06.45Mollie RodenKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 16th5:07.39Nina St JohnUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 17th5:07.98Aspen FulbrightKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 18th5:07.99Ava EscorciaUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 19th5:08.62Mia MrazReal Training
1600mF 1 22nd5:11.83Keira GamilyUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 23rd5:12.92Jade AllenKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 25th5:14.07Isabella ProscenoUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 26th5:15.41Shayda ZarrinUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 27th5:15.70Leah ChristiansUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 28th5:16.10Sierra ParksReal Training
1600mF 1 29th5:17.95Brooklyn EwertReal Training
1600mF 1 30th5:18.47Cayden JusticeReal Training
3200mF 1 2nd10:20.73Lucca FulkersonReal Training
3200mF 1 4th10:37.24Bethany MichalakKokopelli Racing Team
3200mF 1 5th10:50.55Emma StutzmanTrials of Miles Track Club
3200mF 1 6th10:53.25Allison BeasleyReal Training
3200mF 1 7th10:53.96Sierra ParksReal Training
3200mF 1 8th10:54.32Mia MrazReal Training
3200mF 1 9th10:58.31Nina St JohnUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 10th11:02.38Ava EscorciaUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 11th11:03.12Shayda ZarrinUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 13th11:12.18Loren LinnenburgerKokopelli Racing Team
100HF 1 1st14.70Kimora NorthrupReal Training
100HF 1 4th14.97Fabiola BelibiSteadfast Track Academy
300HF 1 1st43.95Kimora NorthrupReal Training
LJF 1 3rd17-8Megan LonnemanUnattached - CO
LJF 1 1st17-11Fabiola BelibiSteadfast Track Academy
LJF 1 2nd17-11Symone AdamsSteadfast Track Academy
TJF 1 1st39-3Melody NwagwuSteadfast Track Academy
Boys (62)
100mF 1 2nd10.91Jackson PriceFK Elite
200mF 1 2nd21.79Jackson PriceFK Elite
800mF 1 2nd1:55.27Thomas FryUnattached - CO
800mF 1 4th1:57.06Charlie WelchReal Training
1600mF 1 1st4:07.14Harrison WittVista Nation Track Club
1600mF 1 3rd4:11.72Zane BergenReal Training
1600mF 1 5th4:15.33Grayden RaubaReal Training
1600mF 1 6th4:16.27James OverbergReal Training
1600mF 1 7th4:16.64Erik Le RouxKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 8th4:17.70Charlie WelchReal Training
1600mF 1 9th4:18.00Ryan MonteraReal Training
1600mF 1 10th4:18.53Curtis VolfReal Training
1600mF 1 11th4:18.67Ty GarrettUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 12th4:20.68Kyle BergReal Training
1600mF 1 13th4:20.85Alex MalineKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 14th4:21.50Lukas HaugReal Training
1600mF 1 15th4:21.78Eric SankeyUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 16th4:21.89Jackson ShortenReal Training
1600mF 1 17th4:23.21Joey HendershotReal Training
1600mF 1 19th4:24.14Beau ThomasonUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 20th4:24.44Knox ExtonKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 22nd4:25.71Jack WarmackKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 24th4:26.39Dalton KainesUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 25th4:26.47Enzo KnappKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 26th4:26.59Jayden NatsUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 27th4:26.64Jake BachUnattached - CO
1600mF 1 28th4:26.86Drew BradenKokopelli Racing Team
1600mF 1 30th4:27.60Dominic WarnerReal Training
1600mF 1 31st4:27.76Patrick AshUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 1st8:57.51Zane BergenReal Training
3200mF 1 2nd8:59.31James OverbergReal Training
3200mF 1 3rd8:59.75Erik Le RouxKokopelli Racing Team
3200mF 1 4th9:01.79Grayden RaubaReal Training
3200mF 1 6th9:10.88Brennan DraperKokopelli Racing Team
3200mF 1 7th9:11.46Jayden NatsUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 8th9:12.86Joey HendershotReal Training
3200mF 1 9th9:13.32Ryan MonteraReal Training
3200mF 1 11th9:16.11Ty GarrettUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 12th9:17.25Jackson ShortenReal Training
3200mF 1 13th9:19.19Curtis VolfReal Training
3200mF 1 15th9:19.81Lukas HaugReal Training
3200mF 1 16th9:21.59Drew CostelowUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 18th9:23.14Joaquin HerreraReal Training
3200mF 1 19th9:23.79Knox ExtonKokopelli Racing Team
3200mF 1 20th9:24.46Owen NolanUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 22nd9:27.64Alex MalineKokopelli Racing Team
3200mF 1 24th9:29.37Kyle BergReal Training
3200mF 1 25th9:29.71Nate HarbertUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 28th9:32.81Simon SaiaReal Training
3200mF 1 30th9:33.90Tyler DownsVista Nation Track Club
3200mF 1 32nd9:35.19Shane PrannoUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 33rd9:35.58Stefan HaugReal Training
3200mF 1 37th9:37.23Tyler NordReal Training
3200mF 1 39th9:38.15Enzo KnappKokopelli Racing Team
3200mF 1 40th9:38.42Tyler PrannoUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 41st9:38.87Dominic WarnerReal Training
3200mF 1 42nd9:39.45Robert ScottUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 43rd9:40.45Charlie GeislerUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 45th9:40.58Dalton KainesUnattached - CO
3200mF 1 46th9:41.14Aaron YocomUnattached - CO
110HF 1 4th14.97Michael BennettUnattached - CO
DF 1 1st157-9Wyatt PruceReal Training