Hurdle Race + Destruction Derby = Viral Video Success! May 18, 2014

Want to watch the actual race video of the above carnage from a hurdles race at the Colorado High School Track & Field State Meet this past weekend? Check out the linked article with video with a story context or watch the video directly here.

The 3A 110 meter hurdles train wreck Alan Versaw May 17, 2014

Nothing at today's opening day of the 2014 Colorado State Track and Field Championships generated as much buzz and conversation as the train wreck at the fifth hurdle of the 3A boys 110 meter hurdles prelims, first heat. Photo by Eric Versaw.

Seeing red Tim Hilt May 17, 2014

TCA's Andrea Willis sets a new 3A pole vault standard at 11-6. Photo by Tim Hilt.

Tales from the pit Tim Hilt May 16, 2014

Taylor Alexander rose to the occasion to reset her own 1A state meet record, a few times over. Photo by Tim Hilt.