Legend High School Parker, CO, USA

Legend High School

Parker, CO, USA

Articles with Legend High School

5A Girls, 2018 Alan Versaw May 31, 2017

Taylor Watson is one of a group of very talented sprinters, jumpers, and hurdlers coming back for Cherokee Trail.

5A Region 1 Girls preview Alan Versaw Oct 11, 2014

Cayli Hume's return to the course holds the potential to influence a thing or two about the team order of finish in 5A Region 1 Girls. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Regional Glances: 5A Region 5 Alan Versaw Oct 17, 2012

Caleb Ingram had a big win at the TCA Titan Thunder and figures to be an important part of Pine Creek's bid to send a boys team to state as well. Colorado Track XC file photo.

Chapped! Alan Versaw Oct 6, 2012

It didn't end up as a perfect score for Chaparral, but Travis Anderson, James Kadolph, and Dominic Compoz did get a 1-2-3 out of the deal. Photo by Alan Versaw.