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Scoring the 5A Boys Regions Alan Versaw Nov 3, 2015

5A Region 5 eked out top honors among the 5A regions, thanks in no small part to a big state meet by Alex Hebner and the rest of the Chaparral Wolverines. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Chaparral Boys Preview Alan Versaw Feb 5, 2015

Javon Spencer, who broke into the state roster in the 100 and 200 as a sophomore, is one good reason to keep a close watch on Chaparral this spring. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

5A Boys season preview Alan Versaw Aug 13, 2014

Dominic Compoz has been a big contributor since his freshman year. This year he gets the opportunity to make his last and biggest contribution. Colorado Track XC file photo by Paul Jaeger.

5A boys for 2015 Alan Versaw May 31, 2014

Expect Bear Creek's Olabisi Johnson to figure prominently in at least a couple of 5A boys events next spring. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

State Previews: 5A Boys Alan Versaw Oct 24, 2013

Connor Weaver and Zachary Alhamra battled for a long time at last Thursday's regional race before Alhamra broke away for the win. Photo by Mark Weeks.

Favorites coast through 5A Region 5 Alan Versaw Oct 18, 2013

Pine Creek's strong early standing in the 5A Region 5 girls race would be scattered before the end of the race as Hannah McIntyre (in white, at left) would go on for the win. Photo by Mark Weeks.

5A Boys XC 2013 Alan Versaw Jun 21, 2013

Jose Garcia and Joshua Joseph are two key elements in a Thornton team that has some potential to create a little havoc in the 5A ranks this fall. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

Regional Glances: 5A Region 5 Alan Versaw Oct 17, 2012

Caleb Ingram had a big win at the TCA Titan Thunder and figures to be an important part of Pine Creek's bid to send a boys team to state as well. Colorado Track XC file photo.

Chapped! Alan Versaw Oct 6, 2012

It didn't end up as a perfect score for Chaparral, but Travis Anderson, James Kadolph, and Dominic Compoz did get a 1-2-3 out of the deal. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Liberty Bell 2012 Preview Alan Versaw Sep 12, 2012

While the Liberty Bell course qualifies as tame on just about every count, things are never tame from the report of the starter's pistol to the finish of the race. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Fairview Sees the Mountain Alan Versaw Sep 9, 2012

Bridger Tomlin wins the battle with Mountain Vista's Blake Graf, but Graf's finish would be instrumental in handing the team title to Mountain Vista. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Cheyenne Mountain Stampede a Rousing Success Matt Norton Sep 11, 2011

The folks at Cheyenne Mountain wanted to create a unique and rewarding cross country experience in the state of Colorado. Like many of us, they are proud of the sport’s hold in these parts, the tradition of the sport in Colorado over the years, and the success our high school athletes achieve on a national level today.

5A State Analysis Alan Versaw Oct 14, 2010

That look of confidence on Kelsey Lakowske's face isn't necessarily good news for the rest of the 5A field. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Colorado Week in Review, Week #6 Alan Versaw Oct 12, 2009

Chris Zirkle, after finishing fourth at the Chris Severy Invitational, will be counted on to lead a much improved Moffat County team into the championship season. File photo by Alan Versaw.

39 - 40 Alan Versaw Oct 3, 2009

The matchup between TCA and Fort Collins was supposed to be a good one. It did not disappoint.. Photo illustration by Alan Versaw.