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Resurrection Christian High School

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Patriot League Girls Depth Analysis Alan Versaw Jan 5, 2018

Eaton may not have quite as many of the top-end athletes returning this year as in some previous years, but jumper Alexis Lamoreaux should be one they can count on to help keep the rest of the league at bay.

2A Boys, 2018 Alan Versaw May 28, 2017

Distance leader Christian Fagerlin holds one of the keys if Resurrection is to rise to the top of the pile next year.

Royalty of the Rings, 2016 May 28, 2016

Parker Joens gets most of the ink in the Platte Valley throws program, but it was James Baladez (above) and Morgan Smith who pushed the Broncos over the top to becoming 2016's 3A Royalty of the Rings. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Thursday Notes Alan Versaw May 15, 2015

Chad Mikelson was a little torn between events today, but his triple jump results didn't suffer in the least. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Boys Mid Season Analysis Alan Versaw Apr 22, 2015

Matt Dillon has been the often overlooked member of the Lyons distance group, but Lyons will find his state points very useful and important this spring nevertheless. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Girls season preview Alan Versaw Aug 12, 2014

For Tabor Scholl, it's been an endless summer of track and field action since the state meet. Can she keep the momentum moving forward in cross country season? Photo by Jeff McCoy.

2A boys, take two Alan Versaw Apr 23, 2014

After a couple years of stark domination by Lyons, suddenly 2A boys is a contest again. As with most other things in life, ebb and flow is part of the cycle of things.

2A Boys Alan Versaw Mar 31, 2014

Evidently, Lyons has achieved lifetime membership (whatever the lifetime of a high school is) in the 2A top five, but the rest of this article comes closer to turning over new soil.

State Previews: 2A Girls Alan Versaw Oct 24, 2013

If you're looking for a wild card who could potentially spin the 2A girls race for a loop, you need look no further than Jenna Anderson. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Girls XC 2013 Alan Versaw Jun 29, 2013

You wouldn't necessarily know she runs for Hotchkiss with her bib pinned over the school imprint, but Sophia Schelle is one of the reasons that Hotchkiss will enter the 2013 cross country season as the 2A favorities. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

2A Boys XC 2013 Jun 25, 2013

Jack Plantz was the "other" freshman in 2A last fall, making a name for himself on the western side of the Continental Divide. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

2A Boys 2014 Alan Versaw Jun 3, 2013

John Broadhead became a serious force for Telluride in the jumps this year. He could be the classification's top all-around jumper in 2014. Photo by David Pressgrove.