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2A Week 5 Rankings Alan Versaw Sep 19, 2017

Lyons retains the top position in both 2A polls this time around, but there's a serious threat looming on the horizon. Kylee is the new Udovich making a difference in the Lions' scoring order.

Lyons Boys XC, 2017 Alan Versaw Jul 21, 2017

Field Soosloff is one of a long list of returning Lyons distance types who might be inclined to feel like last year's second-place finish isn't good enough for this year's team.

2A Girls XC By Rankings Alan Versaw Jul 7, 2017

Sydney Petersen is half of a powerful duo at Crested Butte. If the Titans can find or develop a third, there could be trouble brewing within the 2A ranks.

2A Boys XC By Rankings Alan Versaw Jul 3, 2017

It's hard to say right now who the top 2A boys team will be this fall, but Heritage Christian Academy and Seth Bruxvoort figure to be part of that mix, along with Lyons and the tandem of Jonjak-Plahn and Roberts.

2A Girls, 2018 Alan Versaw Jun 5, 2017

After a brilliant freshman season, Remington Ross looks to solidify her standing as the top 2A sprinter next spring.

2A Boys, 2018 Alan Versaw May 28, 2017

Distance leader Christian Fagerlin holds one of the keys if Resurrection is to rise to the top of the pile next year.

2A Region 1 Preview Alan Versaw Oct 18, 2016

Emma Schaefer has been quietly enjoying a solid season at Shining Mountain and will look to earn a trip to State at her regional meet in Yuma. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Teams of the Future: 2A Alan Versaw Oct 12, 2016

Vanguard's Bria Johnson figures to be one of the more prominent individuals in 2A Girls cross country in two years. She's already made a splash as a freshman. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Mid Season Exam: 2A Girls Alan Versaw Sep 22, 2016

Expect the remainder of the season to be a bit more focused for Soleil Gaylord now that World Mountain Running is in the rear-view mirror. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Saucony Flo 50 Colorado Rankings Alan Versaw Sep 21, 2016

No rankings leads changed hands this cycle, but a win over Lyons helped Nick Lovato and Vanguard come very close to taking over the lead in the 2A Boys rankings. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Meet Did-You-Knows Alan Versaw Oct 29, 2015

2010 invididual titles for Kelsey Lakowske and Samantha Berggren piled onto an already-established trend in Colorado high school cross country. Read on to see what that trend is. Colorado Track XC file photos by Alan Versaw.

On Week 2's Table... Alan Versaw Aug 31, 2015

After taking one on the chin to Air Academy on Friday, Megan Rossman and her Battle Mountain teammates could be loaded for bear this weekend. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Thursday Notes Alan Versaw May 15, 2015

Chad Mikelson was a little torn between events today, but his triple jump results didn't suffer in the least. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Boys Mid Season Analysis Alan Versaw Apr 22, 2015

Matt Dillon has been the often overlooked member of the Lyons distance group, but Lyons will find his state points very useful and important this spring nevertheless. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Lyons Boys Preview Alan Versaw Jan 27, 2015

You know all about Paul Roberts and Joel Such, but Zach Christiansen is a vital part of the Lyons title hopes this spring as well. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

2A rankings, October 14 Oct 14, 2014

Lyons continues to dominate the boys rankings, and there is much to look forward to in the state girls race.

2A Boys season preview Alan Versaw Aug 16, 2014

Jack Plantz traded strides with Ben Butler deep into last year's state race. There will be no Ben Butler to worry about in 2A this year. Colorado Track XC file photo by Paul Jaeger.

2A Girls season preview Alan Versaw Aug 12, 2014

For Tabor Scholl, it's been an endless summer of track and field action since the state meet. Can she keep the momentum moving forward in cross country season? Photo by Jeff McCoy.

2A boys by 1600 and 3200 times Alan Versaw Aug 5, 2014

The guy in the middle for Lyons will be taking his race to Western State this fall, but the rest of these guys will be mixing it up in 2A cross country this fall. Colorado Track XC file photo by Jeff McCoy.

2A girls, take two (corrected) Alan Versaw May 11, 2014

The scenario that 2A girls is coming down to isn't terribly surprising, but it should be very exciting nevertheless. We saw at least four of these five teams coming even before the season started. And now they face a massive showdown at state.

2A boys, take two Alan Versaw Apr 23, 2014

After a couple years of stark domination by Lyons, suddenly 2A boys is a contest again. As with most other things in life, ebb and flow is part of the cycle of things.

2A Boys Alan Versaw Mar 31, 2014

Evidently, Lyons has achieved lifetime membership (whatever the lifetime of a high school is) in the 2A top five, but the rest of this article comes closer to turning over new soil.

The best of..., 2013 Alan Versaw Dec 19, 2013

Erin Hooker goes by Jordyn Colter in the state 3200, putting one last exclamation point on a spectacular high school career. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Family Affairs Tim Hilt Oct 27, 2013

Sisters Natalie and Mae Anderson are an example of the most obvious key to success in 2A cross country. Photos by Alan Versaw.

Going out on top Oct 26, 2013

Before they parted company, Miriam Roberts and Natalie Anderson had already established clear leadership of the 2A individual race. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

State Previews: 2A Girls Alan Versaw Oct 24, 2013

If you're looking for a wild card who could potentially spin the 2A girls race for a loop, you need look no further than Jenna Anderson. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Previews: 2A Boys Alan Versaw Oct 21, 2013

Custer County's Corey Lewenkamp has demonstrated an eagerness to mix it up with the state's top talent all fall. He seeks to reap the rewards of those effort on Saturday. Colorado Track XC file photo.

Velveted Lion paws Alan Versaw Oct 19, 2013

Marcel Such glances back to check on the status of the pursuit while Matt Dillon, Paul Roberts, and Joel Such keep the pace subdued in front. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Fourth Time's a Charm Alan Versaw Sep 29, 2013

At the midway point of the race Katie Rainsberger and Lauren Gregory were running shoulder to shoulder, but a major change was in the offing. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Girls XC 2013 Alan Versaw Jun 29, 2013

You wouldn't necessarily know she runs for Hotchkiss with her bib pinned over the school imprint, but Sophia Schelle is one of the reasons that Hotchkiss will enter the 2013 cross country season as the 2A favorities. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

2A Boys XC 2013 Jun 25, 2013

Jack Plantz was the "other" freshman in 2A last fall, making a name for himself on the western side of the Continental Divide. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

2A Boys 2014 Alan Versaw Jun 3, 2013

John Broadhead became a serious force for Telluride in the jumps this year. He could be the classification's top all-around jumper in 2014. Photo by David Pressgrove.

2A Girls 2014 Alan Versaw Jun 2, 2013

There's a very good chance the girls 2A state title is headed back to Delta County next year, but Miranda Mathiason and her Highland teammates may have something to say about that. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Boys: Lyons, Again! Alan Versaw May 20, 2013

The sun set on Ryan Boucher's brilliant high school career with individual titles in the 200 and 400 meters and a state meet record in the 400. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A Friday Snapshot Alan Versaw May 17, 2013

Hotchkiss's Cody Bartlett took the lead on lap one of the 800 and eventually wore at the resistance, claiming the title in 1:59.47. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Track & field: Lyons boys, girls shooting for three-peats Mar 13, 2013

With any prolonged dominance comes the risk of complacency and bluster. Embarking on a campaign to win three straight boys and girls track and field titles, the Lyons Lions are challenging themselves to avoid squandering such a golden opportunity. (via

2A Boys 2013: Lyons Again? Alan Versaw Nov 14, 2012

Marcel Such's third-place finish among returning runners was perhaps a bit overshadowed by the first-place finish of teammate Paul Roberts, but is was significant nevertheless. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

Blazing a Trail Alan Versaw Oct 28, 2012

All wrapped up in the finish banner, Paul Roberts claims what could be but the first in a long list of state titles. Photo by Karen McCoy.

Rachel's Redemption Alan Versaw Oct 27, 2012

Rachel Hampton not only maintained her lead on the second half of the course, but gained on all of the field except Miriam Roberts. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Week in Review: Feels Like Fall Alan Versaw Oct 7, 2012

Several of the left. the race's top finishers can be identified at the front of the pack in this photo from the early stages of the Windjammer girls race, but eventual winner Erin Norton is biding her time on the left. Photo by Kelli Noto.

Week 5 Rankings Oct 2, 2012

Two weeks have passed since the last rankings and several changes can be seen in the rankings since the last time around. Free content.

Week 3 Rankings Alan Versaw Sep 18, 2012

It's been two weeks since our last set of rankings, and there have been some rumblings in the rankings since then. Free content.

After the Stampede Alan Versaw Sep 2, 2012

Clayson Shumway awakens a few echoes out of Liberty's storied past by winning the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede 5A boys race. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Preseason Coaches Rankings Alan Versaw Aug 28, 2012

Our panel of 24 coaches from all across the state has weighed in with their selections. Here is how the coaches see the various classifications shaping up. Free content.

Cross Country: Dynasties in Danger Alan Versaw Jun 9, 2012

Up until about mid way through the state race, 2A girls cross country was all about Nederland and Telluride. It figures to be a good deal more inclusive this fall, and the Nederland dynasty will be in a fight for its very existence. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A State Analysis Alan Versaw May 18, 2012

Justin Boldt's ride over the 300 hurdles was one of several Lyons qualifying marks for tomorrow's finals. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Thursday Recap: 1A/2A/3A Alan Versaw May 18, 2012

Sometimes you can tell athletes all you want about holding back a little on the first day of state, and adrenaline still takes over. Maybe that explains what happened at state today.

Track and Field vs. Spring Break, I Alan Versaw Mar 22, 2012

Mckenzie Brogan has left a lot of people in her wake the last couple of years. On Saturday, she and her Lakewood teammates will be trying to do it again at the Greeley Central Invitational. Photo by Alan Versaw.

XC 2012: Lyons Boys Alan Versaw Dec 7, 2011

Marcel Such ran 17:30 to finish sixth at this year's state meet as a sophomore. And that helps give Lyons plenty of reason to be hopeful about the prospects for next fall. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Two Final Hurrahs for Kelley Oct 29, 2011

Birdie Hutton and Rachel Hampton went out with Kelley Robinson in the early going, but even then it was apparent Robinson's pace was going to break things open. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Regional Week in Review Alan Versaw Oct 23, 2011

Despite a little lead bike misdirection, Kirk Webb recovered for the win at 5A Region 3, followed by Greeley West's Evert Finger. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

State's Best Match-Ups: Girls Alan Versaw May 18, 2011

When you're about five miles from Littleton HS, it can be tough to get the 4x400 recognition you deserve, but Arapahoe figures to contend this weekend. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Post-Season Analysis: 2A Girls Alan Versaw Nov 24, 2010

It isn't easy to go through high school running second on your team when you have the talent to be first on most teams, but Rebecca Hermann has made the most of it. Photo by Alan Versaw.

2A/3A Prequalifying Marks Alan Versaw May 10, 2010

Garrett Smith and Lori Weirich of Eads have been on a roll of late. Each is atop of the 2A discus rankings. Photos contributed by John Weirich. Rocky Ford's Amber Lowther is a legitimate threat to win all three jump titles in 2A girls. Photo by Alan Versaw.

3A Girls by the Threes Alan Versaw May 12, 2009

This is what .006 seconds of difference at the finish line looks like. TCA's Emily LaValley and Kara Slavoski of St. Mary's will go at it again in the 800 at state. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

3A Girls Track Preview Matt Norton Mar 11, 2009

Miss Diversification: the triple jump is just one of the things that Beth Jones does well for 3A power Eaton. She also runs a mean 800 and runs legs on relays. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Regional Recaps (Saturday) Alan Versaw Oct 18, 2008

Kelley Robinson, Kat Robinson, and Tara Richardson take an early lead at the 2A Region 1 meet today in Lafayette (photo courtesy of Mario Garcia). Look for all three in the lead pack again at next Saturday's state meet.

More league meet news Alan Versaw Oct 11, 2008

A good day to be in purple... Miranda Benzel, Sam Lewis, and Kelsey Lakowske work a small early lead at the Front Range Conference Championships on Friday (photo courtesy of Jim Lewis).  

Week Five Summary Alan Versaw Sep 28, 2008

In what has become an annual rite of passage, runners negotiate the water crossing at the Prairie View Invitational (photo by Bill Stahl).

Questions, Answers, and More Questions Alan Versaw Aug 28, 2008

Moffat County's Alicia Nelson and Thompson Valley's Liz Tremblay battled for the lead through much of the 4A girls race. In the end, Nelson took the victory by a narrow margin of about two seconds (photo courtesy Ken Regan).

2A Boys Track Preview Alan Versaw Mar 1, 2008

For Wiggins High School, the good news is that they are defending 2A state track champions. The bad news is that the class of 2007 was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of class for a 2A school.