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Royalty Of The Rings Alan Versaw Jun 9, 2017

Sydnie Main and her Meeker teammates beat down the 2A competition in the throws with depth, never finishing higher than fourth in any of the four throwing events, but piling up points all along the way.

5A Boys, 2018 Alan Versaw May 26, 2017

On a long list of very good 300 hurdlers at Fountain-Fort Carson, it's plausible that Jason Farrell ends up as the best.

Southwest Region in Review: September 1 - 3 Alan Versaw Sep 5, 2016

While we've been waiting to see the real Mountain Vista team, Monarch gave some proof they will be heard from this season. Here, Charlie Perry forms the middle of a 2-3-4 finish for Monarch at Centaurus on Saturday. Photo by Alan Versaw.

5A Thursday Notes Alan Versaw May 20, 2016

Brie Oakley reintroduced lapping runners to the 5A 3200 en route to a new classification record in the event. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Meet Analysis: 5A Alan Versaw May 17, 2016

Just when we thought that we might go a couple years without blazing, top-end sprint speed, Arria Minor arrives on the scene. Photo by Alan Versaw.

5A Girls Mid Season Depth Analysis Alan Versaw Apr 29, 2016

Haley Rogers is one of the individuals Cherokee Trail will be counting on for a big state meet, but this should be closer than it looked like it would be a month ago. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

A Hard Look at State: 5A Boys Alan Versaw Oct 26, 2015

The Arapahoe tandem of Steven Goldy and Mason Brevig will take their whacks at the 5A boys individual title in a crowded field of contenders. Colorado Track XC file photo by Jeff McCoy.

5A Girls Mid Season Analysis Alan Versaw Apr 24, 2015

It would be difficult to overestimate the impact Ally Watt, Shayna Yon, and Audra Koopman might have on the eventual outcome of the 5A Girls state contest. Photos by Alan Versaw and Paul Jaeger.

Colorado notes: NXR-SW Alan Versaw Nov 23, 2014

Riley Cooney's brilliant high school career will come to closure without an NXN appearance, but she managed a place in Saturday's top ten nevertheless. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Southwest region rankings, October 29 Oct 29, 2014

With the Colorado and Utah state meets now completed, what's left to settle of this is from Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Those state finish up their state meets on November 8.

Role reversal Alan Versaw Oct 26, 2014

When you lay out all the factors leading to Fort Collins' stunning 5A girls title, possibly no factor looms larger than Heather Holt's eight-place finish. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Liberty Bell 2014 preview (updated) Alan Versaw Sep 10, 2014

As you start thinking of out-of-state entries who have the potential to snare a Liberty Bell crown, Jordan Lesansee of Albuquerque Academy should be on your list. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

Future Stars Spotlight: Lauren Gregory Alan Versaw Sep 9, 2014

Lauren Gregory's freshman year was filled with great moments, including a state cross country title, a 7th-place finish at NXN, a state title at 3200 meters, and a 10:15.34 3200 at Arcadia. It's difficult to imagine a freshman year going much better than that. Photo by Alan Versaw.

A power shift in Colorado: US #11 Cherry Creek takes down US #4 Fort Collins girls Brandon Miles Sep 6, 2014

In a battle between two US top 15 ranked teams from the state of Colorado, the US #11 ranked squad Cherry Creek (33 pts) upset the US #4 ranked Fort Collins (52 pts) in Cherry Creek's home invitational meet on Friday. Fort Collins was racing without their #2 runner Devyn Miller (out due to illness), but Cherry Creek was actually missing their #1 runner in Jordyn Colter (on a recruting trip),  so with both teams having 6 of their top 7 on Friday, Cherry Creek still looks like they would have been the better team on this day regardless.

Amped up for Arapahoe! Alan Versaw Aug 27, 2014

Cerake Geberkidane won't be around to run this year's Arapahoe Warrior Invitational, but his meet record of 15:12 will toe the starting line with the rest of the field. Photo by Ashley Green.

XC National Powerhouses Scouting Report: Fort Collins Girls (CO) Brandon Miles Aug 27, 2014

The Fort Collins girls of Colorado have a great history of success at NXN which should continue under new head coach Mike Callor with previous national finishes of 6th in 2013, 8th in 2012, 6th in 2011, 6th in 2010, 3rd in 2009, 7th in 2008, and 7th in 2007 to recall on. 7 straight trips to nationals and no worse than an 8th place finish. It is an easy guess what will be the worst possible NXN finish for the 2014 Fort Collins squad.  

10 Girls Teams To Watch Brandon Miles Aug 18, 2014

The following 10 high school cross country girls teams have been chosen as part of our pre-season watch list for the upcoming season as the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the very top tier of returning squads to watch for this fall in the biggest national meets of the season (in alphabetical order). 

5A Girls season preview Alan Versaw Aug 17, 2014

If you recall this scene from this year's 5A state 1600, you understand why Megan Mooney must be reckoned among 5A's biggest cross country threats. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

5A Boys season preview Alan Versaw Aug 13, 2014

Dominic Compoz has been a big contributor since his freshman year. This year he gets the opportunity to make his last and biggest contribution. Colorado Track XC file photo by Paul Jaeger.

5A Boys by 1600 and 3200 times Alan Versaw Aug 9, 2014

Satchel Caldwell showed a thing or two in track this spring and he and his Boulder teammates are a group you want to keep an eye on. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

5A Girls by 1600 and 3200 times Alan Versaw Aug 6, 2014

If you're looking for Monarch to claim their fourth consecutive 5A girls state title, you're probably not basing that on their accumulated 1600 and 3200 times from track this spring, though Holly Bent ranks among 5A's best in both events. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

A first look at NXR-SW boys Alan Versaw Jul 28, 2014

Most (though not all) of the boys at the front of last year's pack have graduated, but the teams at the front of the pack will ring familiar. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

A first look at NXR-SW girls Alan Versaw Jul 19, 2014

Many of the early leaders of last year's field have graduated, but that doesn't translate into a race that's any less competitive this year. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

Kings and queens of the rings May 20, 2014

With throwers like Santana Salazar constantly coming up through the ranks, we've long suspected Lamar has one of the best throwing programs in the state. The point totals from this year's state meet add a lot of weight that suspicion. Photo by Alan Versaw.

5A girls, take two Alan Versaw May 13, 2014

The lay of the landscape has changed a little since the last time we visited 5A girls. This title bout is a whole lot more interesting that we figured it to be roughly a month ago.

Out like a lambkin Alan Versaw Mar 30, 2014

Freshman Audra Koopman scored the biggest day at the Altitude Running Invitational, including winning the long jump at 17-9. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Front Range League Boys in 2014 Alan Versaw Nov 13, 2013

Fossil Ridge's Keaton Schelir hung with some dangerous company until deep into this year's state race; history suggests those are the guys who become dangerous themselves next year. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

State Previews: 5A Boys Alan Versaw Oct 24, 2013

Connor Weaver and Zachary Alhamra battled for a long time at last Thursday's regional race before Alhamra broke away for the win. Photo by Mark Weeks.

Saucony Elite 50 Team Girls Rankings Week 6 Aaron Rich Oct 23, 2013

Conference, District, Regional and State meets are upon us and teams will begin resting up to compete well at their championship meets before gearing up for the post-season championship meets.  Therefore the rankings haven't changed much this week with the exception of a VERY strong Davis squad moving up to #1 and a few more teams added to the watch list.  

State Previews: 5A Girls Alan Versaw Oct 22, 2013

As they were at Pat Amato, Emma Gee, Kaitlyn Benner, Ashley Litoff, and Claire Green figure to be doing time at or near the front of the race on Saturday. Photo by Ashley Green.

Monarch deposed Alan Versaw Oct 13, 2013

Paul Miller, barely showing a hint of exhaustion, runs to the Front Range League boys title. Photo by Ken Regan.

League Meet Frenzy! Alan Versaw Oct 7, 2013

If you were figuring on the Arvada West girls rolling over and playing dead for the Jeffco 5A title, you'd be sadly mistaken about that. Photo by Della Moore.

Fourth Time's a Charm Alan Versaw Sep 29, 2013

At the midway point of the race Katie Rainsberger and Lauren Gregory were running shoulder to shoulder, but a major change was in the offing. Photo by Alan Versaw.

What Happened this Weekend? Alan Versaw Sep 22, 2013

Dismiss it as coincidence or ignore it if you must, but for many of us, the exceptional round of performances at Coronado and John Martin this past weekend uncovers a deep well of questions and speculation.

Southwest Rankings, September 17 Sep 17, 2013

It's a familiar face, but an unfamiliar singlet, for Colorado fans of cross country. Lone Peak (UT) is riding high these days with the help of Clayson Shumway. Photo by Kyle Perry.

Three Big Meets Alan Versaw Sep 4, 2013

One thing you can count on for the first half mile or so at St. Vrain is a mass of humanity. Colorado Track XC file photo.

Southwest Region Rankings Sep 4, 2013

Connor McMillan ran the second-fastest time ever at the American Fork Grass Relays and helped his team to a convincing victory on Saturday. Photo by Rochelle Pinnock.

A Late Starting Fireball Alan Versaw Aug 31, 2013

Cerake Geberkidane stakes out a lead over Bailey Roth and Andrew Walton early in Friday evening's Arapahoe Warrior Invitational. Photo by Ashley Green.

Southwest Region Preseason Rankings Aug 20, 2013

You may remember this group of girls that hammered from the front end of last year's NXR-SW championship race. Three of the four will be back this fall, but the selection of teams at the top may be different this fall. Colorado Track XC file photo.

5A Girls XC 2013 Alan Versaw Jul 1, 2013

If you're a fan of 5A girls cross country, you already recognize most of these faces--and you realize that they're all back for more this year. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

5A Boys XC 2013 Alan Versaw Jun 21, 2013

Jose Garcia and Joshua Joseph are two key elements in a Thornton team that has some potential to create a little havoc in the 5A ranks this fall. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

League Meets Complete! Alan Versaw May 12, 2013

Gabby Pajak and Toni Stoll, Pagosa's dynamic duo--between them, they accounted for 72 points at Saturday's Intermountain League meet. Photo by Aaron Lorenzen.

Week in Review: Gremlins in the Works Alan Versaw Mar 18, 2013

At Monarch High School, it's not always clear who the lead horse on the team is. This weekend, it was Kaitlyn Benner, who won the 1600 at the Runners Roost of Fort Collins in 5:14, but it could just as easily be someone else next weekend. Depth is a nice problem to have. Photo by Ashley Green.

Track Previews: 5A Boys Alan Versaw Dec 18, 2012

Based on marks from last spring, Castle View's Tanner Townsend projects as the top scoring athlete among 5A boys this spring. Colorado Track XC file photo.

NXR-SW Summary: Colorado Alan Versaw Nov 19, 2012

Midway through the girls championship race, Elise Cranny, Heather Bates, and Katie Rainsberger were firmly entrenched among the top four. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Davis Dumps the Favorites Alan Versaw Nov 18, 2012

Led by a 6-7 finish (3-4 in team scoring) from Shea Martinez and Ellie Child, Davis took away top honors in the Nike-Southwest regional. Photo by Alan Versaw.

NXR-SW Preview: Girls Alan Versaw Nov 13, 2012

Claire Green and Kaitlyn Benner bring a Colorado state title with them to Arizona, along with hopes of tackling a course more suited to their natural speed. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

A Closer Look at the Teams: 5A Alan Versaw Oct 23, 2012

Luke Sheesley and Ben Ervin are two stalwarts on a Fort Collins team that has become much better this fall than anyone outside the program expected. Colorado Track XC file photo.

NXR-SW Rankings: October 16 Oct 16, 2012

  With the Utah season nearly done and the Colorado season heading into regionals, here is the current shape of the NXR-SW rankings:  

League Week in Review Alan Versaw Oct 14, 2012

Rachael Chacko gets a little encouragement from Coach Jeff Bliven as she goes by at the Centennial League Championships on Thursday. Photo by Kelli Noto.

Week 5 Rankings Oct 2, 2012

Two weeks have passed since the last rankings and several changes can be seen in the rankings since the last time around. Free content.

Return of the Magic Alan Versaw Sep 29, 2012

By the midway point of the race Erin Hooker had pulled even with Heather Bates and was applying the pressure to wrest the lead from Bates's hands. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Week 3 Rankings Alan Versaw Sep 18, 2012

It's been two weeks since our last set of rankings, and there have been some rumblings in the rankings since then. Free content.

Colter's Run Alan Versaw Sep 15, 2012

Everything pointed to a great afternoon racing at Liberty Bell, but nobody could have predicted Jordyn Colter crushing the course record with a 17:01. Photo by Lyle Knudson.

Liberty Bell 2012 Preview Alan Versaw Sep 12, 2012

While the Liberty Bell course qualifies as tame on just about every count, things are never tame from the report of the starter's pistol to the finish of the race. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

NXR-SW Rankings: September 6 Sep 7, 2012

Kyle Lund leads a Fairview team that is rapidly rising the ladder of NXR-SW boys rankings. Photo by Alan Versaw.

After the Stampede Alan Versaw Sep 2, 2012

Clayson Shumway awakens a few echoes out of Liberty's storied past by winning the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede 5A boys race. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Preseason Coaches Rankings Alan Versaw Aug 28, 2012

Our panel of 24 coaches from all across the state has weighed in with their selections. Here is how the coaches see the various classifications shaping up. Free content.

NXR-SW Preseason Rankings Alan Versaw Aug 22, 2012

Much to nobody's surprise, Erin Hooker and her Fort Collins teammates occupy the #1 preseason ranking in the NXR-SW region. Colorado Track XC file photo.

Cross Country: Dynasties in Danger Alan Versaw Jun 9, 2012

Up until about mid way through the state race, 2A girls cross country was all about Nederland and Telluride. It figures to be a good deal more inclusive this fall, and the Nederland dynasty will be in a fight for its very existence. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Liberty Bell Recap Alan Versaw Apr 29, 2012

For those who had forgotten what she can do in a pair of spikes, Kaela Edwards offered a refresher course this last weekend. Photo by Ashley Green.

NXN-SW Rankings, November 3 Nov 4, 2011

Three of the top four girls finishers from last year's NXN-SW championship race are back, and they're each bringing top-tier teams with them to back them up. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Regional Week in Review Alan Versaw Oct 23, 2011

Despite a little lead bike misdirection, Kirk Webb recovered for the win at 5A Region 3, followed by Greeley West's Evert Finger. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Images from League Meet Week Oct 18, 2011

The roomy start line at the Front Range League meet just might catch on if there were more space to work with at most meets. Photo by Karen McCoy.

NXN-SW Rankings, October 6 Oct 6, 2011

Last year, Luis Martinez finished 55th at NXN-SW. Don't look for a repeat of that finish this fall as he leads the Cleveland HS (NM) team into regional contention. Colorado Track XC file photo.

Week 5 in Review Alan Versaw Oct 2, 2011

Monarch's girls and a few bold enough to run with them pass under the shade of an enormous tree at Saturday's Pat Patten Invitational in Boulder. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Time to Ring the Liberty Bell! Alan Versaw Sep 15, 2011

The biggest invitational of the Colorado season is nearly upon us. In Colorado, and the entire Rocky Mountain region, the Liberty Bell Invitational needs no introduction. Some coaches love it, some coaches avoid it like the plague, but its presence carries a weight no other meet in the state can rival. As we do every year, we expect to see some big things tomorrow. And this year, the weather looks to be almost as ideal as last year was dreadful. There will be no 90-degree race time temperatures this year.

NXN-SW, The Week in Review Alan Versaw Sep 14, 2011

Although it's way too early to make hard predictions about who will get bids to the NXN-SW championship races, it's not at all too soon to look and see what's happening in the various states that may have implications for who might make it to the big dance.

How Will Colorado Fare at NXN? Alan Versaw Nov 30, 2010

Saturday will be bittersweet for these three young women. Marci Witczak, Maddie Alm, and Mariel Fulton will toe the line with their high school teammates for one final race. Photos by Alan Versaw.

Post-Season Analysis: 5A Girls Alan Versaw Nov 23, 2010

Emily Wolff had a great freshman campaign for Arapahoe. Continued success in her sophomore season will help to keep Arapahoe at or near the top of the pile in 5A girls. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Dreamin' of State XC 2010 Alan Versaw Oct 27, 2010

One race everyone will be watching with interest on Saturday is the 5A girls showdown between Monarch, Fort Collins, and Boulder (not shown). Photo by Alan Versaw.

5A State Analysis Alan Versaw Oct 14, 2010

That look of confidence on Kelsey Lakowske's face isn't necessarily good news for the rest of the 5A field. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

Week 5 Coaches Poll Oct 5, 2010

New leaders in 4A and 5A girls highlights the changes in this week's rankings.

NXN-SW: Raising the Ante Alan Versaw Oct 3, 2010

Rio Rancho's Caleb Rubalcaba had the weekend off, but has been running the competition ragged in New Mexico this fall. Photo contributed by Sal Gonzales.

Week 4 Coaches Poll Sep 28, 2010

Some of the year's surprising programs are working their ways steadily upwards in the rankings.

NXN-SW: A Few Good Meets Alan Versaw Sep 19, 2010

Highlands Ranch phenom Eleanor Fulton had a very nice weekend, winning the Division II girls title at Liberty Bell and breaking the meet record in the process. Photos by Jeff McCoy.

First Impressions: League and Regional Meets Alan Versaw May 16, 2010

It was fun and games last week as Adam Sinda offered up a little impromptu celebration at the end of the Jeffco 5A 800, but the intensity will be a few notches higher when the athletes next step onto the track. Photo by Clif Jurgens.

The Best of 2009 Alan Versaw Dec 28, 2009

 A quick little tour of the best of cross country and track and field in Colorado for the year 2009. Colorado Track XC file photo.

Final Coaches Poll Oct 21, 2009

After this, it's all about doing and nothing about what anyone thinks. Take a look and see how close you think the coaches are to getting it right!

NXN-SW Update, Weekend of October 17 Oct 18, 2009

Scott Fauble (Wheat Ridge), David Perry (Niwot), Connor Winter (Arapahoe), and Dusty Solis (Coronado) each rank among Colorado's top male runners. Photo by Cliff Jurgens.

Colorado Week in Review, Week #6 Alan Versaw Oct 12, 2009

Chris Zirkle, after finishing fourth at the Chris Severy Invitational, will be counted on to lead a much improved Moffat County team into the championship season. File photo by Alan Versaw.

Week Five Coaches Poll Oct 7, 2009

An interesting phenomenon this week--every girls #1 team is a unanimous pick. Only Rocky Ford (2A) is among the boys.

39 - 40 Alan Versaw Oct 3, 2009

The matchup between TCA and Fort Collins was supposed to be a good one. It did not disappoint.. Photo illustration by Alan Versaw.

Fauble Wins Big Again Sep 18, 2009

For the third week in a row, Scott Fauble takes home a major meet title. Photo by Rick Wilson.  

5A Girls by the Fives Alan Versaw May 11, 2009

Sophomore Eleanor Fulton just may have climbed to the top of the pile among a very solid group of female distance runners in Colorado. Photo by Rick Wilson.

Handicapping the 5A girls race Alan Versaw Oct 13, 2008

Kristen Kientz of Highlands Ranch, this year's freshman phenom in the 5A ranks, has helped transform Highlands Ranch from a mid-level state team to a top-five level team this year.

Week Three Summary Alan Versaw Sep 14, 2008

Santino Apodaca, winner of the Division 2 race at Friday's Kadet Invitational, is key to Rocky Ford's hopes for a repeat state championship.

Nicolls v. Appel Round 1: Nation's Best Square Off in Early Season Meet Scott Bush Aug 29, 2008

It's rare to see such a great early season match-up take place, but that's what happened Thursday evening in Colorado. The top two ranked Midwest boys, Bobby Nicolls (pictured far right by Ken Regan) and Evan Appel, squared off for the first of what could be a few battles this season, while many other top Colorado teams and individuals took to the 5k spread at the Poudre SD Pre-State Cross Country Invitational in Fort Collins.

Questions, Answers, and More Questions Alan Versaw Aug 28, 2008

Moffat County's Alicia Nelson and Thompson Valley's Liz Tremblay battled for the lead through much of the 4A girls race. In the end, Nelson took the victory by a narrow margin of about two seconds (photo courtesy Ken Regan).